Monday, 30 September 2013

Magical Mundee

Wonka here.  Now I have gone back to normal (font I mean) though I might do a paragraph or two eh.  Weather wise we are still in the grip of beauty sunshine and blue blue sky.  Warm and mild and we love it.  Now why magic you say?  Well I'll tell you good folks out there in the big wide world,  Owner woke up and got up (this is a good sign) so I wasn't starving all morning although I am being a fussy eater (Owner said) and then slowly came to life luckily 5 mins before the phone did ring with a booking for Owner!!  yes!!  and not where she was before but another nice place.  so off Owner goes at 8 am with a smile and not a frown in sight.  I was able to relaxez vous and take it easy, thankfully Owner had made the bed before rushed off.

Fresh paragraph to keep you on your toes and I may even go mad and increase the font size...  where were we?  Oh yes, Ruggles outside on time for his overflowing plate of best luxury catfood with a tempting morsel of real chicken on the side (almost want to eat it myself).  he had a look at my plate of biscuits and had one or two so Owner had to clean it all round sterilise the saucer etc, we love it.

!! what else has happened?  Owner sat up and watched all these nice singers get voted off that hex factor programme with Shazzer and Gazzer and Louis and the one who they all pretend to think is hot.  Doesn't look hot to us folks, looks as cold as ice (sure that a song).  got through that with a whole audience shouting 'swap swap swap' and 'pick pick pick'.  No wonder Owner can't sleep or think straight is it?  then it was the big house with the nice family that have slaves to do all their work for them (if only).  Tonight Owner has had to deal with yet another horrid email all about expenses and I have had to say 'calm calm calm!'.  We shall watch corrie x 2 and Enders to put in good mood.  Now I want you all to go steady out there.  Must dash as quite worn out now.  Fresh para

Big Love Wonka x