Wednesday, 11 September 2013

meltdown Wenesdee

Wonka here.  Well I ask you does it carry on raining and being chilly.  Owner put gloves on this morning despite fact might be laughed at.  Managed to stop from wearing ear muffs but has threatened to put them on.  Just because the temperature has dropped so much there is a slight snowfall in Scotland there is no cause for alarm (don't mention alarms eh).  so howcomes meltdown you ask?  Owner returned from day at work and said emotionally drained.  Why I said?  Just the students not coping said Owner.  Just the students I said?  Well alright I had a bit of a meltdown too says Owner.  Went through a few coping strategies with Owner like saying a prayer or two, apply for another job but don't take it if - and I say if, a million to one shot here - you get offered it.  That''s right Owner not heard anything back after pleasant interview and can only fear the worst.  I say look on the bright side.  What bright side says Owner?  You already have a good job I said (from under the bed this time).  Now I'm emotionally drained!  thanks for asking!  What else is happening?  It's mid week, that is happening, I got real chicken for tea and once again I said a small prayer of thanks to the chickens who provided that- Ruggles has been for breakfast and teatime and can look forward to suppertime too, Corrie is on tonight with the villain of the piece Carl looking more evil by the minute and that nice school boy Craig afeared for his life.  We love it.  We may watch Enders if we can keep up.  Finding all the relationships a bit daunting right now and going backwards forwards and how's your father.  Even Phil after that big operation and severe knock to the head has fallen back in love with that bitter looking mature shall we say woman called Shirley.  What about Sharon then?  As the baby stealer who has served time and mustn't continue to be punished is back on the square and after her ex husband who stood Sharon up at the aisle??  these are big questions.  There may a meltdown in the Queen Vic eh.  Now I must go as all this talk of meltdowns has worn me out and don't forget we are approaching the birthday of the century soon.  And no cake in sight.  hmm.  big love Wonka x