Monday, 9 September 2013

Mostly Mundee

Wonka here.  Owner can hardly speak as says too tired.  I said I hope this won't affect my tea time, just after my tea time pre supper time supper time and bed time snacks?  No answer.  Now I cannot report on the nice tennis match in noo York noo York with Owner's fave rave Novak and that beaut Rafa as not heard any news.  As soon as I hear I will tell you I promise.  what else?  Owner half watched hex factor and had to admit one of the girlie acts could sing and even tugged at heartstrings.  Who was it I said?  erm.  erm.  Oh yes says Owner, it was the nice lass from Dublin that Louis Walsh shed a tear over.  it seems she may be losing her house or something, not that this would have got her 4 yeses I'm sure.  Well today it seemed to move from glorious indian Summer straight into glorious autumn.  Owner has defied all the rules (don't put the heating on until October and also daughter will go mad) and put heating on.  is now too hot and clicked it off.  I don't know where to sit for the best.  I was up on the side by the cooker, but Owner opened oven and nearly scorched me to death!  Now because Owner is worn out though how I just don't know, all that happened was rushed off at 20 past 8 and fell back in at 10 to 4.  I mean, what's to do??  Me?  thanks for asking, ready for a relaxed evening in front of beloved Corrie, strange storylines in Enders, especially as the villain of the square is still alive oh yes and another villain who snatched a baby is now out of prison.  What really puzzles though is how most of the square are in love with this heavily made up, birdsnest hairstyle non cultured mature woman (according to Owner)?  What is the attraction?  Anyhow after that Owner says will be having an early night.  We'll see.  Ruggles has been for tea time and had afters because he stayed on the step.  this is how I can sniff him through the backdoor.  Must dash as need a nap now.  big love Wonka x