Monday, 23 September 2013

Mundee Mundee

Wonka here.  Still warm.  Owner still got cold, still sneezing, says throat sore and like death warmed up.  I mean.  toss turn turn toss all night long, I don't know how I stood it!  I have to get settled you know so was pleased when alarm went off.  And, I had to stay downstairs on guard.  For what you ask?  Rather proud as it is an enormous prehistoric insect,  Owner had to put glasses on to see it properly and first off announced it to be 'a giant moth!' praised me up no end and then threw it out the back door.  Then had second thoughts and thought it was a cockroach |Jury still out but naturally we cannot miss this as a photoshoot opportunity.
It is like something out of a Stephen King horror isn't it!!  We are fairly sure it is a giant insect of some variety.  A very dead giant insect.  Owner praying this is not an invasion as never seen anything like it.  Lucky I was on duty eh.  Now Owner says had half decent day and puts it down to being very tired so very relaxed so very alright about things would normally be in a twizzle about.  Stayed up late watching that nice singing show and we even saw some (singers) then we watched our favourite drama Downton Abbey about upper class people who had slaves and fairly straightforward love lives.  Their slaves had even more interesting love lives, or just lives.  Now tonight we will manage 2 x corrie and one Enders.  As Owner only had about 5 inches of sleep we will be trotting to bed early and hoping for sweet dreams.  Talking of which Owner is expecting delivery of that nice Stephen King's new book, Dr Sleep to arrive tomorrow!!  don't have nightmares about our insect will you?  now ruggles has been and again eaten his real chicken in the kitchen.  I admit to putting my paws under the kitchen door from the dining room to introduce myself.  yes.  Now I want you all to go steady as only first day of the week.  Must dash now.  Big love Wonka x