Monday, 2 September 2013

New Boots Mundee!

Wonka here.  Yes Owner only went and found gorgeous new boots without hardly trying.  I say chaps! and chapessess.  I sniffed round them plus the box which as far as I'm concerned is much more interesting.  Big square boxes, I like them.  I do like carrier bags too come to that.  Is it a mild obsession I ask myself?  Anyway, back to the boots shall I describe them to you?  you will want to know - they are a sort of pleasant choc brown, look tiny (very important) but ready to do a bit of stomping in, have a small proper heel not like some of these odd bod shaped things, or Cuban or stiletto no! a proper squareish heel, plus, wait for it, lace ups.  So ankle boots with laces and stuff.  I tell you Owner has not stopped gazing at them.  Polishing them.  Adoring them.  End of.  Well it's the day before you know.  The day before Owner bounds back out to work.  Will I be alright Owner asked?  Me?  alright?  had a few years practice at it should be fine.  A couple of naps here and there,.maybe chase a plastic ball round, eat a few biscuits, jump up on the side.  Watch for Ruggles (if time).  Guess I'll keep busy somehow.  Still no sign of a kitten by the way.  Did you want a little reminder of beloved Baba?  In case you are a new person to my blog you pronounce it as in Ali Baba.  Get it??  good!!
There he is, standing on the table.  I probably chased him up there.  he looked rather good didn't he.  Better not go on about him as too sad.  He is now with Golly in heaven plus St Francis so we mustn't worry says Owner.  Back in the here and now, we loved the tv last night and Owner is well in love with David Threlfall off that 'what remains' drama cum thriller thing.  the one where that poor neighbour lies dead in the attic for two years and no one noticed.  Well Owner busy noticing the detective Len now.  All else are after the younger one, not so Owner.  Then of course before that it was the good singers all living their dream on the hex factor.  We love it so far in, but no favourite yet.  tonight we will be watching corrie x 2 plus Enders - there is a big build up for Enders though unsure why.  What's different we wonder?  jealousy, bully boy tactics, twisted love?  and?  now must dash as time for tea plus Owner might start being nervy ahead of tomorrow's return to the workplace.  Go steady out there.  Big love Wonka x