Saturday, 28 September 2013

silly Satdee

Wonka here.  Usual first things first and that's an up to the minute weather forecast been a beauty day, blue sky, sunshine, infact dazzling sunshine and warm enough to dress down.  Owner brightened up and after a shaky start on about sore throats and still got cold etc, started to move up a gear!  Adrenalin rush when Daughter rang to say had only 15 mins to get to the station and no sign of taxi (booked yes it was booked).  Deep breathing and staying calm Owner ran through a few options like plan a) start walking up the street towards the taxi that hasn't appeared yet b) get next train c) not end of world (yes, yes it is!!) d) never use that taxi firm again e) text me when something else has happened.  so guess what, daughter sent text said by a miracle got on train with 4 mins to spare.  Said taxi driver one of those reliable old style ones that drives like a maniac smoking and talking and turning round to make a point instead of studying the road ahead.  We love him and daughter should use him every time.  So did meet at station this end, got more food and a dvd.  Now the film I have to own up, was so easy to follow, when you normally need a post graduate certificate in anything to keep up with the plotline and is it me or do they all now mutter and whisper their lines instead of good old fashioned shouting??  It was that nice Will Smith and we did love him in I robot, and I legend (we think that's the titles.) but this one, well it had a strapline thingy saying, danger is real but fear is a choice.  Hmm, Owner says surprised can remember it, as is dull and boring says.  the older ones, like Jack Nicholson who said, and I quote: 'you want the Truth?? you can't handle the Truth!'  we love him and hear he has retired for worrying over forgetting stuff like lines and that.  Now after the film and stuffing our faces we all got ready for their journey home.  I had tummy tickles and cuddles and all in all I love them both even more.  and forgiven grandson for not getting here on Owner's big day.  Now we did watch a lot of tv last night keeping going until the end of the American Hex factor it was so good.  Like a dessert really to our starters (corrie and Enders) our main course of Strictly and the new dancers - Martin is our fave.  he is a big funny lad from the north east we think.  Tonight is  even more of a talent fest with more Strictly, and more home grown hex Factor where they all try to sing at the bootcamp thingmybob.  We hope Gary Barlow shows some signs of life, and Mummy Sharon well she is over the top and the hill but does entertain us.  Ruggles has returned (no sign of Tinkers) and trotted straight in for his tea time, proud as you like.  I am worn out due to visitors you know and having to roll round on the luxury carpet to entertain.  Owner has stayed calm and happy throughout the day, laughing at this, smiling at that, and we have high hopes that her fortunes, like the turning wheel, will come back round.  Go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big love wonka x