Sunday, 29 September 2013

Swim back Sundee

Wonka here.  Yes I know this is writ large and I'll tell you why in a minute.  First off not to frighten my faithful yet small band of followers away, a forecast.  another beauty day, with that blue blue sky and sun sun sun.  We loved it all day long and look forward to a sunset. (fresh paragraph now)

Why this big silly writing and spaces between you ask?  All down to an old friend of Owner giving indirect advice.  Explain you say.  all it is, is, this old friend put out a link on that twitter thing and when Owner went on it did it tell us off for what we were doing before (small continuous writing) and suggest this kind of thing instead.  well I'm not keen and Owner thinks it's turned it into a children's corner.  Jury will be back with a decision tomorrow folks. (press return now).

(twice I meant).  Now more importantly Owner got a grip and went swimming instead of silly excuses like the week old cold and feeling rough etc.  Only hiccup was the girl/child behind the counter enquiring after age of Owner....could have gone nasty but didn't.  Pool nice and empty (stars thanked) and Owner had pleasant de stressing swim.  Can't be bothered to give us any more paragraphs so will just run on now.  Last night Owner had far too many fruitgums and felt fat and ugly at the end of it.  Watched far too many reality show with would be dancers and singers.  our ears were ringing and that Hex Factor has changed all the rules and invented a new musical chairs game.  Owner needs familiar things at the moment due to ever changing landscape of work (I rather like that description) so this not good idea however we are addicted to it and will watch tonight.  Ruggles has been and fed on real chicken in the kitchen and I had to observe his comings and goings from my lookout from the dining room.  Photo to follow:
So there I am folks keeping an eye out.  Owner says not sure about this font and all the daft spacing (to be reviewed I said!).  But don't I look drop dead gorgeous??   Must go as this new paragraph and size have quite worn me out.  Go steady out there folks wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x