Friday, 27 September 2013

Thankfully Fridee

Wonka here.  Here follows an Owner report!  very ill so went back to bed with Dr Sleep.  It's a book!!  by Owner's all time favourite author Mr Stephen King.  So that was just the ticket as I went up to keep company and cheer up and goodness me fell straight to sleep myself!!  Whilst this going on, we had bad news number 1.  knock back for the opportunity from the preliminary meeting.  Although Owner reports this was expected and took in good humour.  Just about.  went back to bed after phone call and so did I.  ~Bad news number 2.  and to misquote the hero of Dr Sleep who is Dan (grown up from Danny) Owner's job still there except someone else is doing it.  Oh yes. Really this is bad news but good news (says Owner) as although loved the client group (young people) as usual found some of the adults hard to bear (tried to put this aspect of Owner's personality right but not winning out.  Got a very low tolerance factor and always comes to the crunch.)  I said to Owner I said, could you have bitten your lip and looked pleasant about having to do what you didn't want to do?  Owner says pretending to be grateful and being subservient not in her nature.  End of.  Moving on to bit of good news, is that daughter and grandson rallying round and coming to visit tomorrow.  We love this and are glad and happy.  Owner sped off to nearest and dearest supermarket (the one where that person used to follow her round.  not any more.) and bought shed loads of food and nice things.  (I know you are asking how will we pay for it now no job.  Prayers that's how prayers.).
So all things considered, we are quite happy and upbeat.  no job and no money but we feel better.  Now tonight we have corrie x2 and Enders x 1 and then strictly that's the dancing show where they all, well, dance.  by the way I have a photo of our two outside cats, on the left is Tinkers and on the right near to the step ladders  is Ruggles:
 At last you say we can see who they are.  now must dash as Ruggles needs his tea time and Owner thinks he may be after Tinkers..... we will watch and wait.  Now please go steady wherever you are in the world and I promise to look after Owner.  Big love Wonka x