Friday, 6 September 2013

totally totalled Fridee

Wonka here.  As predicted by an army of weather forecast experts plus Owner's sibling who let's face it, knows more, the hot weather has 'turned' and it transformed into a dankish day.  By dankish I mean, sort of damp and gloomy with a bit of hill mist thrown in.  Are we downhearted by this??  Yes!!! we wanted our summer to last well into autumn.  But who knows, it could still make a comeback.  Despite it being not so warm I still managed a pleasant snooze once Owner had flung out to work.  Has come back saying very tired, too tired to talk and just wants to zone out in front of the box (tv) and this is different from???  Now I did hear that our nice Mr Andy Murray has gone and flunked it in the grand slam thingy in New York.  You know how they like to report it was 'three straight sets' for good measure.  Hmm.  I wonder if Owner's current heartthrob (barring all the others) Novak is still batting away.  Now last night we managed to watch this thing about education.  A 'fly on the wall' (as opposed to the fly on our top window) educating Yorkshire it were called to use Yorkshire speak, and really we were not surprised by any of it.  In fact Owner said it seemed very supportive and good with all the strange zombie like creatures aka teenagers.  Owner should know eh.  Now Ruggles called for teatime early and may yet call for supper. Also, Owner hardly mentioned job interview or teeth falling out so must be tired eh.  Said has learnt some Spanish today but cannot remember hardly anything except Si, Hola and presente.  Also something about number sequences.  Oh I said, that'll come in handy (yawn).  Now I must dash as feeling peckish despite vast array of biscuits and chicken and pouch delicacies.  Tonight?  well Enders of course, and villain of the piece Phil Mitchell only survived a fatal carcrash and operation didn't he!  then it's the final finale of celebrity masterchef and will our hero of the kitchen, cry your eyes out Les Dennis triumph?  or will it be shouty old Janet Streetwise Porter.  I will of course talk about it manyana. Go steady out there folks.  Big love Wonka x