Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Weh hey Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Hallo to you all out there and just to make you a teensy bit jealous we are having a heat wave!  Oh yes.  Just when we all thought it over, it is not, it is hot hot hot.  Stuff on the radio about the sun melting things inadvertently.  Oh yes, I do listen to the radio you know, not to mention beeb breaking news, we are up to date with it all.  On yet another sad note, David Jacobs who had a lovely radio voice and 70 year's worth of broadcasting has died.  Another David we have noted, and await the third.  This is how it goes, in threes.  On a lighter note (perhaps) Owner chucked itself out to work this morning after one of those toss turn, turn toss nights.  Said had about two inches of sleep and strange dreams.  And the difference I ask?  Anyhow, flung out to work and came back very positive indeed about a year 7 group.  No is not ill or coming down with anything, just gone very positive and enthusiastic.  Long may it last.  Said has tweeted beloved Novak Djocavic you know that nice tennis player well he is wowing them all at the grand slam in New York no less.  of course I shall have to root for Mr Murray but Owner so in love.  Enough said.  Here you are, on the subject of flies and as they say apropos of nothing, fly on top window in living room so Owner stands on a box to open window and let said fly, fly out.  What does it do instead?  You got it, it flies straight back into the room it was buzzing to get out of.  Owner hates flies and I am a champion fly catcher.  Now last night we were alright watching corrie x 2 and that nice Hayley and Roy well she is dying of a brain tumour (not really!!) so very sad storyline but luckily then we had Enders and lots of ridiculous storylines to put us right.  Owner says may watch Under the dome (Stephen King thing) even though didn't win competition (Dr Sleep - night in a hotel to read it before all else) though hasn't dampened mood as yet.  Now I must go, although managed a fair amount of naps, have been turning nose up at pouches.  So time to scrape round the boxes of food and biscuits to alert Owner to the fact I am starving.  Plus need to check on Ruggles.  The miracle Buddleia?  nearly sprouting a flower!!  big love Wonka x