Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wicked Wednesdee

Wonka here.  First off weather update folks and it's maybe sunny where you are in the world or bitter cold but right here, well it's that drizzly rain. so it's wet wet wet.  Yes.  But are we downhearted? No.  Why you say???  I would have said first off, but I've already said that so instead I'll say 1.  Owner bright and breezy despite yes despite ongoing cold and sneezing.  2.  got up on time and liked outfit for preliminary meeting.  3.  Thought meeting went well and came back really upbeat 4,  managed to attend a meeting with elderly bruv and his consultant plus 'worker' (Owner cannot abide) without being rude or speaking out of turn. (thinks) (I reckon body language will have told all.  thinks) 5.  then went for bust and visited aged parent.  Home still smiling, and thinks all clothes belonging to aged parent still there.  All staff were fed up and Owner says helped by talking it through (this means they will mount giant complaint to management).  and last but not least 6.  Owner put her latest music love on and that's the Mavericks 'in time' and been singing and swaying ever since.  Me?  I can hardly hear you above the music but I think I'm alright. had a small playfight with Ruggles under the good door between dining room and kitchen.  Both seemed to enjoy it.  Maybe ruggles didn't know I lived here??  No sign of Tinkers as yet but bagloads of food in the shed incase.  Rug as you know now feeds on giant overflowing plate in the kitchen.  Now I am going to show you a blurry photo of Baba's miracle Buddleia as amazingly it is starting to flower!!  I told Owner off as poor photo but hope you can see beautiful bloom on the end.

Baba's Buddleia!!  We miss him so much he would proud of that flower in late September he would.  No I don't want a kitten!!  Now last night we early went funny with the daft storylines in Enders and tonight it is darling Corrie to entertain us with evil David's brother in a coma, Stella threatening to 'move on' from her disastrous marriage to evil incarcerated Carl and dying Hayley to meet her son when she was a man.  following it so far??  and then we're not sure if anything else on.  But folks I want to share this last glorious good news item with you all.  Owner is now proud owner (hee hee) of Stephen King's Dr Sleep|!!!!  and this might have been what really made her smile (not popping to dentist to make an appointment and he is still on his Hols!! come back our nice Dentist!) now go steady out there folks and have a lovely evening or day.  Must dash as feeling peckish.
 Big love Wonka x