Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bring him home Thursdee

Wonka here.  Deep sleep this morning folks.  Somehow and it wasn't me the alarm snoozle button was turned off and did we slumber on awhile.  Described on good Radio 2 as a dull day we decided to make the most of it and stay positive.  Long phone calls with the new vet about Ruggles kept Owner's nerves nerve wracked.  DON'T FRET Owner I said.

New and needful para.  I am just having to ask Owner why we are watching most haunted.  it is very annoying as all they say all the time is (and I quote)'is there anyone here?' and 'did you see stroke hear that' and all this folks is interspersed (blimey) with little beeping and someone talking us through the unexciting, unthrilling events.  Owner says it is calming her down.  I beg, beg to differ!!  Back to our main story:  a phone call later on meant a dash to the vets and even less money for us to live on.  Are we living on minus funds I said to Owner (from the living room whilst she was in the kitchen and could not hear me).  But dear teddy bear Ruggles has come home!  he still has a little stump for a tail though.  And Owner said did he rub up against her with his big fat head as if to say thankyou adopter stroke rescuer person.  yes he is back outside and yes Owner is fretting!  Calming photoshoot:
Now I often sit on this book it is just the right level for me to prop on, Owner does use it to flatten things as it is nice and heavy and anyway we just love it our very own good book.

Fresh and final para.  so there we are folks, Ruggles is out there somewhere and I do know this he will have been dying for a wee as the good new vets said he did not go in the cat litter.  Well I love my litter tray as you know and cannot imagine going anywhere else but Ruggles must do whatever makes him feel like Ruggles.  Now other news of the day is that Owner paid a small visit to aged parent who did not notice her black eye but demanded news of her outing instead.  The eye cannot be missed it is a proper shiner and the caretaker did notice it and said (astonished) (quote) 'a cat did that!!' hats off to Ruggles I say! Now when Owner returned with nerves only half adrift, she said she had a secret box which she took straight upstairs and put in the bottom drawer.  I am wondering folks if it might be a little something for me.  And I promise not to try and look.  Now we happen to know that some of you may be celebrating your little holiday called THANKSGIVING so we want to wish you a good one too.  Now tonight to settle Owner down is a bout of Enders and we think they will concentrate on a mixed up wedding storyline to do with alfie and cat and if it isn't that it could be any number of storylines with people who are not in love with the right ones.  Then we can relaxevous with masterchef.  And checking for Ruggles.  We love him.  now go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  big love Wonka x