Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Calendar Wednesdee

Wonka here.  gloomygogs day out there so what did we get up to!!  this is what we got up to.
It is a special edition wonkaandmousey desk calendar and in keeping with our exclusive daily diary (get me folks!) it is a limited edition.  More details on this purfect (could not resist sorry!) desk accessory as soon as.

If Owner does get a move on we will be up and running or at least a leap or two end of next week,  and of course we rely like all other good folk on the royal mail or whatever it is calling itself these days - people's mail perhaps.
Now in keeping with such a gloomygogs day, Owner was hard pressed to find the get up and go button, and of course me? thanks for asking, I found several snuggly places to think it all over, and what's it all about etc, well given enough snooze time I'm bound to come up with the answer.  More sleep is essential!  Now thanks to last night's fireworks Owner remained in a high state of nerves and even a dose of Holby city which was high drama with nurses turning down marriages but staying friends (hankies hankies) and life saving operations carried out with no hands!! yes even this could not calm Owner down.  but folks, we forgot one vital thing.....
Final para.  We forgot Masterchef, and it is not any old masterchef it is professional masterchef with it dunt get tuffer Greg, I want perfection Michel and I am perfection Monica!!  we do we love it or do we love it!!  So this has risen up like a perfect bit of choux pastree to sort Owner out and save her from the doldrums (like that word).  Our favourites so far are Marcus (if not he should be called that) and we think it is laid back Matt a chap after my own heart as I invented laid back.  Now Owner will watch corrie X 1 and bear with storylines which have gone a bit raggedy, and we do not like that new manipulative (another good long word) friend of the adopted fostered girl whose dad then turned up to live across the road,  No.  Now Ruggles who is sensible to a T, has remained in the shed snug and warm on the car seat and just gobbled up 2 of my best sachets.  I am a generous cat no one is saying any different but GO STEADY..with my best good as it looks.  And if Owner doesn't get a shout out soon for work the economy will take another sharp nosedive.  We did hear on our best radio 2 that the national debt is down to Trillions of money owed by all of us lot, and not the nasty banks. 
This is the last para sorry.  So somehow we got through this gloomy rainsodden day and Owner has received an application from that artie place to submit her artwork if she can meet some fairly hefty criteria.  Yes I have hidden the form it was either that or rush under the bed!!  We love it, and I am sure another dose of Masterchef will make it right.  Go steady out there folks wherever you are in the world.  Big Love Wonka x