Monday, 4 November 2013

Cream cake Mundee

Wonka here.  the clue folks is in the title!!  Frosty start and crispy cool here, but that blue sky is up there yes.  Owner got off to a really positive start and I thought we were in for a cracking day!  We have debated long and hard and made a decision you see to start our own gift shop.  yes an on line gift shop so anyone in the whole wide world can buy things to do with me and things to do with Owner.  Good you say, when will this wonderful shop open?  Thanks for asking, well give us a week or so and you know Owner when she gets an idea is she on with it!  So be patient and I will do my utmost to spur Owner on.  Which isn't easy when she gets a knock back!!

Fresh para immediately.  Now before I tell all we have a small photoshoot of something that sums it all up.
Can you see him folks, yes it is a lone magpie and did it swoop down in front of Owner just as she stormed out of the nice artie place.  Yes that's right she has fallen out with it!!  You will want the nitty gritty and the low down of course you do but she is adamant she must not MUST NOT give reign to hurt feelings.  No.  all I am allowed to divulge (OOOH that word), is that the very important person who would have fallen in love with Owner's artwork (postcards you understand) was 'too busy' was 'too busy catching up'  and 'too busy' to even come out for two seconds to tell Owner she was 'too busy'.  I said I hope you were not rude Owner?  She reports back she tried very hard indeed to stay with good manners (in their absence I said!  well I have to try folks I have to try).  I hope I said you did not then go on to buy a mistake?  No said Owner, I nearly did but my good manners got the better of me again!  And so dear folks out there it was a nice cream cake that did the trick from our favourite supermarket that helps us it says by doing whatever it is doing.
Final para as I am worn out with keeping Owner's spirits up!  Positive things to remember I said to her ready to dash under that bed, those two programmes that kept repeating because you had pressed something on the remote well you healed it!  you fixed it so it does not go to SKY NEWS at 6 30 pm every night, well be proud of yourself I said.  The irony folks, of Owner having a busy bee day yessterdee is not lost on me.  No.  Now to wash it all down with our favourite and beloved dancer called Pasha only went and got voted out last night.  Owner very sad as loved him lots.  tonight folks we must take it steady like I say to you, and thanks to daughter who did ring up and support her Mum, saying all the right things.  That's where my nice cousin lives, the one who is in twilight land.  Corrie X 2 is to come on, with recovering Nick back with long suffering Leanne, we love them and then Enders.  someone, we are not sure exactly as not concentrating hard enough has gone and got themselves murdered.  We are not sure if it is Mad Michael, his star struck girlfriend alice or his clever ex wifey Janine.  yes it is a murder triangle!  And if I'm not under the bed by then I ought to be.  Again go easy on the fireworks we do not like them!  Take care wherever you are in the World.  Big love Wonka x