Friday, 22 November 2013

Failed MOT Fridee

Wonka here.  You will all be saying that I've got my work cut out for me but NO!  for some inexplicable (worn me out spelling that) reason Owner is upbeat.  Even worse is going to get rid of the skylark.  I may shed a tear if she doesn't.  Why you say?  because good folks, that car aka the Skylark has carried Diva dog, Golli, me and Baba too.  yes.  it even escorted my twilight cousin Demi, as you know, to be despatched to St Francis sanctuary in the sky.  and to think that now the skylark is to be dismantled (professionally by proper dismantlers) due to failed this that and plenty of the other.  Will Owner crash down to the depths you wonder or can I cheer her on?  this is a long first para dedicated to a dying car but also to a very BRAVE Owner.

Fresh needful para:  of course we have a cheerful photoshoot for you as it is Fridee:
It is a creation from daughter and grandson and I may have jumped up to scratch it once or twice in my youth.  So Owner must seek a new chariot out and somehow folks stay stress free.

Final para.  ruggles you want to know?  safe in the shed until Owner rushes out to feed and comfort him whether he wants that or not.  Me?  I am on a new catfood, no I did not say I wanted to be, but Owner decided I did.  So far on I have eaten half of it.  is it very very expensive you ask?  In keeping with our straightened circumstances (that really wore me out and I meant we are near to skint and starving) Owner bought one of the higher end boxes of succulent fish sachets.  It is alright folks just down to the endless guilt trip she is on.  Now to try and avoid thinking any further about (list) 1.  no work 2. no money 3.  no car there will be a 4 but let's leave that for now, we are looking forward to endless soaps, back to back Corrie, Enders, Corrie, and hoping for some funny storylines in amongst the failed romance, future failed romance and manipulative friends oh and lying partners.  yes we may be in the jungle later.  yes Owner will listen to Scarborough Fair too.  Now no weather report except Owner came up with a Salvador Dali sky.  the blue she said.  She has sky on the brain.  It is the weekend, so I want you all to go steady wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x