Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Firework Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Weather you say? freezing cold but clear and the sun did pop out briefly.  A bit like Owner! (only joking Owner!).  Slow but steady day really, steadily downhill says Owner who is fretting about the fireworks.  Me?  fairly laid back and yes I was horizontal for most of the day, I have a new snuggly spot on the duvet in the front bedroom.  Now some advice for fellow cats about the horrid noise and banging.  GETA GRIP.  Now seriously, and this is from the RSPCA chaps, you need to settle down and snuggle up and take control.  Draw the curtains Owners!  put on some nice relaxing music at a sensible level Owners!  I have only run away once and it was one of those nasty whistling things.
Fresh para.  To cheer us all up and calm us all down here is the rainbow Owner promised.
Owner says this diary has gone funny tonight and will not align left like it is sposed to.   Is it the fireworks I said?   Now it is functioning (!!) as it should.   Owner only went on a visit to aged parent and has come back funny, even the second cream cake is not working as it should.  Ruggles you say?  Now he has been very nicely on his car seat in the shed and also popping in for a good chomp of chicken yes real chicken it was a treat over from yesterday when Owner felt so awful had to buy something (thankfully real chicken for me and Ruggles.  I have said a thankyou prayer to the chicken too).  
Final para.  to try to de stress Owner I have recommended eggheads that nice quiz where this know it all team win every day and the money does mount up until some obscure ordinary quiz team manage to know more than they and win a fortune.  This does calm Owner down as she has to think hard about the answers.  Then there is nice Enders or rather nasty Janine Enders!  it turns out she murdered mad Michael and is blaming on star struck Alice.  and nice Alice is crying to go home.  If Owner still with it we may watch the hospital thingy where some of the nice Surgeons are missing limbs and falling in love with the wrong nurses.  Ah, we love it.  Again I urge you all to KEEP CALM and watch eggheads rather than set fireworks off.  Do go steady out there wherever you may be in this world.  Big love Wonka x