Friday, 29 November 2013

Frazzler Fridee

Wonka here.  Yes we did get up!  Yes it was windy and cold like the good forecast cast!  But good folks out there, Owner was in party mode as birthdays on the agenda.  Even Ruggles not being on the good doorstep did not phase.  I said quite loudly, are you PHASED Owner?  She said she would not worry as thought Rug would be round for tea.  Told me to be good.  Me?  I don't know how to be anything else!  and a whole day to myself whilst Owner sped round the countryside.  I love it.

Fresh para and a small photoshoot of a birthday table.
We love that chimp it does make us smile.  and the cake was truly scrumptious reports Owner.

final para as rather late now.  Owner rolled back in at 7pm folks which I said to her I said, I am starving and Ruggles is too!  he was waiting like we thought he would.  he does like chicken.  Snap.  he does not eat real fish.  not snap.  I do like it.  His tail you ask and his general wellbeing?  Owner reports he scoffed his teatime and popped back out into the wilds.  One day he may move in.  In the meantime. I am enjoying being top cat. Now Owner is now free to move onto other things on the worry list.  and the thing that has now moved up to No 1 is....yes, the new stroke second hand car.  The nice man who owner spoke to (twice) is yet to finalise arrangements (phew) so Owner now thinks all over bar the counting (her expression not mine).  I am having to watch Enders and the storyline it is on is the big black kidney transplant man as it turns out he may have lied his way into the transplant.  yes.  Then onto corrie time allowing.  it is the weekend yet again folks and we have had a big big week.  go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x