Friday, 1 November 2013

Fruitfull Fridee

Wonka here.  Well did it rain?  yes is the answer to that one and although it tried to brighten up by the time it nearly had done it was time for sunset!!  but it did give Owner the opportunity to try out the new umbrella ella ella (cannot resist and it is a compliment to that Rhianna!) you know the one with the cats on instead of owls.  No of course it's not the same and try as I might persuade Owner to take to it, it has not happened as yet.  The old umbrella? ella ella?  she could not bear to throw it out so it is cluttering up the Narnia cupboard.  Well I check in there regularly and there could be hidden galaxies in there for all I know.

Fresh para.  Fruitful you ask?  yes, because Owner has found this gallery stroke artie kind of place that might a) like her writing and b) like her art work.  I have told her over and over she is underselling herself!!  Of course I take priority, as I should, but there is the odd five minutes or so to devote to her life.  Now I am going to show you one of Owner's sketches starting with me!  but we will progress to some others,possibly.
Well straight away you have noticed there is another cat!! yes and that was beloved Golly cat who is now in heaven, and he is the one on the left washing himself.  He used to wash me round too as Owner called it.  we love and miss you golly!  Put those hankies away folks!!

Final para maybe.  Now some of you will have noticed that Ruggles did not get a mention yesterday well wait til I tell you this.  He popped in for some of his best tea time and then did he stay in for a wee while!  yes he settled on the laundry box in the kitchen and Owner put a tea towel on it for him too.  he was safe and warm for a few hours until he suddenly got cabin fever and had to escape.  And I had to cross my legs and paws as my best litter tray is in the bathroom just off the kitchen folks.  Wisely, and for once Owner has listened well a bit, I am not to be confronted with Ruggles and vice versa, so there is a door closed between us.

This is final para.  After declaring we wouldn't see any Halloweeners did we have a rush on!  Owner was up down up down for two hours and I had to run upstairs!  it was that busy Owner ran out of those teeth defying sweets and had to give away her choc limes (disaster city) and her fruit gums (tragedy).  We loved it.  The tv lived up to our worst fears and nothing on except Enders and Alice has cut herself shaving as had red stuff all over hands with Mad Michael looking on.  Thankfully Corrie X 2 with shaky storylines but a new one hotting up with a manipulative child befriending a vulnerable one (two long words! well it is Fridee) and hopefully to top us off or up there should be nice Simon Ghoul on the American Hex Faktor,  We love it.  Now the weekend is here so go steady out there folks wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x