Wednesday, 27 November 2013

go with the flow Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Owner finally got up after a bit of prompting from me (gentle dabbing with a paw bearing in mind she looks like a horror show) and the good alarm on snooze for about half a century.  She is on about a balanced heart and mind.  I said what about the bank balance?  Naturally I whispered this from another room just as she went out of the door.  Where to you wonder?  And what about teddy bear Ruggles?

New para to keep you in suspense.  First off.  in fact let me do my list.  1..  Ruggles passed a peaceful night, yes all the reports say he was goodly, had all he should have in the way of injections without killing any of the nurses.  he must have spent his anxieties on Owner (poor brave Owner).  He is now minus a tail but it was a very poor tail which was letting him down.  a lot.  he is also minus the other thing.  This Ruggles, we share in common.  Now as well he may have had something for any mites living on him or in him!  Owner dare not ask for the bill as yet.  But the credit card is shivering in its pocket! 2. Owner's face is a train wreck and people have given her a wide (wider) birth (? unsure of this word but will use it anyway what the heck let's live a little.)  Her eye is black and she has a lump by her nose.  3.  She is hoping to see a car at the weekend.  it is red with some alloy wheels I said what is that Owner, and she says not sure.  it all comes down to does she like it or not (the car).
Thought you would like this photoshoot across the playing fields of a super cloud formation just prior to a cracking sunset folks.

Final winding up para.  Now good teddy bear Rug will stop at the hotel vets for another night thereby wracking up the bill.  We love him.  Then he will come home and probably immediately head off out.  At last said Owner we have done our best for him.  me? thanks for asking, had a fairish day helped by Owner being out of it.  means I can relax and get a bit of a hook on things, like which cat food to knock over with my paw to indicate I'm starving.  Owner has hinted of a delux Christmas present and I do hope she is not teasing me.  Visit to aged sibling and phone calls about aged parent have taken place without any undue sobbing or poor language, and we have a birthday to look out for on Friday.  A family one.  with a cake. Now tonight to keep the balance going, we will watch corrie if it is on to see if the bullygirl is to be outed!  and if the wedding between Carla and Pete the onetime alcoholic of the soap, will be scuppered by at a loose end Tina.  This is to be topped off by Masterchef and we are rooting for Adam.  We think he is called Adam and if he isn't he should be.  Greg and Monica and Michel, we love them!  Now do go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x