Monday, 11 November 2013

Good stress Mundee

Wonka here.  Now it did rain, it was cold and it was a gloomygogs start to the day but up we got!  only left snooze on once, now how motivated is that?  We are late with the diary due to Owner rushing rushing and rushing some more.  And Owner reports this interesting fact for the day, or is it a proverb?  it is a saying folks, and it goes: more haste less speed.  Owner says it means if she hadn't bolted into our Narnia cupboard (under the stairs to you) so fast trying to do a trillion jobs at once, then she wouldn't have bobbed down and bonked her head on a sharp box.  That was lucky it wasn't your eye I said.  There is only a small red mark above Owner's eyebrow and it does look like she was tapped with a sharp object.  It will fade in time.

Fresh and needful para.  good news on the hair front, Owner fitted in an appointment between shopping for essentials (food for me and Ruggles) and a necessary dentist apt for aged sibling.  No wonder you are stressed I said, but careful to say HOW GORGEOUS is that hairdo first.  Now it is lucky, again folks, that Owner has not bumped into fellow travellers on the highway, or bumped into their good cars, but somehow she has remained clear.   You are late said the Dentist's nice receptionist when Owner bowls up a tad after 5pm.  If you had seen her driving and parking up to get there I thought, you would have said nothing.  nothing at all.  Instead Owner went a bit funny and stood her ground saying I MUST see the dentist.  Now as again luck would have it, no one except Owner had gone funny so it all turned out fine, and we love the Dentist even more he seems to have the patience of a saint (to make up for Owner's lack of it).  In a minute I will go on about manners,

To cheer us up I thought a little photoshoot, probably of me. 
Just the job eh, I mean how calm and peaceful do I look!!  Yes I am now a fan of the Morris Quinlan Experience and I do love their Scarborough Fair especially the solo guitar bit, and it's just as well as Owner insists on playing it again and again.  We love it that's why.  Now last night was unusual as Owner talked to someone, yes and had to catch up with the night's results.  any surprises you ask?  all rather predictable I answer except I did like that nice Abi on the singing, why you say? because she could sing and was real.  Now tonight we are all behind, but Ruggles and me have been fed thank you Owner!  It just means Owner will not eat until late that's all.  We will be watching nice corrie with the important suicide storyline, of Hayley wanting to end it all (pretend folks) and Roy in big denial.  With Enders we are not sure what storyline they will concentrate on as they all seem to be coming to the boil.  We love it.  Now go steady out there in the world,  Big love Wonka x