Monday, 25 November 2013

Gripping Mundee

Wonka here.  Up and at em we did this morning.  fair to middling day in my opinion weatherwise I mean, with regard to motivation Owner did struggle.  I said come on Owner! look Lively!!  I was half way down stairs as I said it and just kept on going really.  Now once we were both downstairs and I had been offered several different types of pouches (we do believe in choices here) plus an array of biscuits, well Owner paused in her domestics to look out of the window into the yard and guess who was sitting on the step with his big fat teddy bear face?  yes RUGGLES!!

Fresh para in honour of his return.  was he alright you ask?  the thing is, he turned up, had lots of real chicken (sorry chicken!) and did come a tiny way into the kitchen.  Now Owner faced with fresh dilemma said what do I do now.  My advice as ever folks was to let sleeping dogs lie.  Where is the sleeping dog in all of this you wonder.  if there was a dog, it would be sleeping believe me.  so for now, we are letting Ruggles be.  The nice Vets are on our side and waiting for another visit when Rug and Owner ready to GO FOR IT.

Small photoshoot once more to remind us all of good cousin Demi, who went into the twilight zone and skittled off to meet St Francis.  It is only a week since she left us.(for the next room|)
When Owner took this she did the usual thing and had it set to video.  So this snapshot folks is the result of hours of work by Owner turning a one second video into a photoshoot..I ask you.  But you can see what a beauty cat Demi was.  We love you Demi! hankies away now.
final para as I'm worn out really.  why you say?  I had a two minute warning re the hoover this morning and had to rush upstairs away from the monster coming to get me.  it did come upstairs near to where I was but I was brave and stayed very quiet on the bed.  Shortly after, Owner did go out.  Said was searching for the next car but I didn't see her come in with anything when she came back.  Just the usual cartloads of food for me and Ruggles.  Said had enough of phone calls to the dentist, from the dentist and how's your father.  also had phone calls with daughter and aged parent, the latter Owner reports whilst sat in the car park outside our best supermarket.  Said got to grips with all of it and still got shopping.  We love it.  Now last night a shock result on the dancing as the one who all are admiring for muscles and such has gone leaving an actor stroke nimble on feet (Mark) still in the running.  All are aghast except Owner who roots for Mark.  Over with the singing, the one that can belt out a song left and the one who has poor memory loss stayed in.  Again we are loving it.  And Dermot we love Dermot.  Now in the excitement of Sundee goings on we forgot to report that our best song in the whole world.....Scarborough Fair! had a play on nice and our most favourite presenter (now) clare balding on good morning sundee. Owner very happy, but it will not last take it from me.  now tonight we are back to back with soaps.  Can it get anymore confusing, we hope so.  the storyline in corrie continues to keep all foxed over who is the real bully when could it bee any plainer said Owner.  not to the cast of corrie it seems.  In Enders, we can only hope that someone is in love with the right one.  And Shirley has grown a sister.  Now to our horror folks we just realised my ending is not on the ending!!  shock horror.  here it is as ever.  Please go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big extra love Wonka x