Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hopeful Sundee

Wonka here.  first thought on waking up for Owner was is Ruggles in the shed?  Me? checked the weather and I can do this by perching on the bedroom windysill, by sitting nicely on the sideboard or the front bay.  I had noted it was a pretty grim looking day.  Once Owner had sorted me out with a full range of biscuits and pouches, she rushed out to the shed.  but no Ruggles.  there were signs of activity.  What you ask? food had been eaten.  We are praying hard to St Francis that Ruggles is coping, and Owner been ON EDGE all day. 

New para.  to cheer Owner on I reminded her of when I arrived back in the day as that silly expression goes infact we don't like it why did we use it? I meant to say, a few years ago, when I came in the good back door and stayed to be your chief adviser and friend, well I am even more so now Owner!!  Owner suggested a small photoshoot stroke sketch by herself of course, to show you how little and lovable I was at that point in time (a much better phrase I will use that one again).  Now instead of the usual, where the nice picture is below and then I tell you about it we have done it back to front.  Blame Owner's frayed nerves!  yes so there I am as a kitwit under my best sunlamp.  No wonder Owner loves me you say.

Fresh possibly final para.  to take our minds off  Ruggles, who has steered clear all day long but Owner checking every two mins, we are watching some strange Christmassy films on Channel 5.  That should tell you all about them.  suffice to say, Owner kept repeating the name of the first one, as if questioning the very essence of film making.  Noel? Noel?  she kept saying.  and (I quote) 'is that Robin willliams?  is that Susan Sarendon thingy?).  This film has now morphed (love it) into another strange film also pretending to be about Christmas.  Last night we did watch the dancing and Owner says it was lacklustre, and then we were probably the only ones in the whole world not watching Dr Who instead we tuned in to support good Dermot O leary who is holding the fort with the Hex Factor.  We did enjoy it too even the moment when the girl from the girl group forgot some words from 'impossible'.  Owner thinks it is down to age, nerves, song choice (Jonah on), mentor (Nicole thingy)pressure, and poor memory.  Tonight we find out who is to go home.  At least they have one, not like dear teddy Ruggles.  I have learnt to like him you see as once I was a wandering kitwit myself.  Owner did go out today, to view another car.  Reports did not like it as soon as saw it.  End of.  Cannot worry she says.  I beg to differ Owner!  Now don't forget you can look at some lovely gifts at our new wonka and mousey gifts at  I only say this to stop us from starving.  Now do go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  big Love Wonka x