Saturday, 23 November 2013

Manic Satdee

Wonka here.  there does follow a normal weather report to calm our nerves well Owner's nerves then.  We rose up to greet the day in a very civilised fashion, me racing on ahead as usual to then wait ten minutes for breakfast to be served.  no matter.  It seemed a fine day, not freezing and not raining.  nor windy which Owner hates and says whips everyone up (just you I think Owner but I said nothing).  Then what you say?

Fresh calming down para.  Then in between negotiating about a new stroke used car ( I nearly put in the middle of negotiations we broke down as that is a song I think by the beatles.  we love it) did Owner notice Ruggles' poor tail was even more of a poor tail.  And this folks is when she made the decision.  to take Rug to the vet you ask?  yes.  was it a nightmare you ask? yes.  Owner only scratched once by this deranged creature battling to get out of a cat carrier which took two yes two strong healthy vets to get out and hold down.  BRAVE owner.
 What is this you wonder, it is our only photoshoot of tinkers, to the left and good ruggles to the right slightly obscured by the steps.  You may recall these very steps shielded the good tomato plant and in fact still do. You cannot see Ruggles' big teddy bear head which the nice receptionist at the vet remarked on.  ooh she said.  Now Ruggles had two tiny jabs to help him until Mundee morning.  If by a second miracle Owner can trap Ruggles into thinking it is good idea to trot into the cat carrier to go a ride in the skylark (he will be the last rider in Owner's beloved car) to then have a giant operation.  We are praying on it and ask you good folks out there to add to it.  Every little helps as our fave supermarket of the moment says.  the other supermarket that has turned itself into a cavern, we have given it the thumbs down.

Final extra calming para.  ~After that excitement Owner's brains in a twirl.  Rug is out there somewhere and even I want him to come back for tea.  We will keep you posted.  ~We love him.  Now on the box there is choice.  there is the dancing and we miss Pasha a lot but glimpsed him on the little show in the week with good zoe balls.  There is Dr Who beamed all round the world it seems and there is of course the show which has been given horrid reviews, joked about, and mainly been snobbish about and this is the fallen ratings hex factor.  Well Owner as you know does love an underdog and in this show we have a lot.  We do like Dermot, he is game.  Owner is more calm and going to look at another car tomro.  Will it be the new one?  Now do go steady out there in the world wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x