Monday, 18 November 2013

Motoring Mundee

Wonka here.  first off, we did sleep in.  I tried hard to wake Owner but nothing.  Said was having a good sleep after most of the night toss turn turn toss and not sure if was asleep or not.  What is this to do with sleeping in I said?  anyhow after the usual chase the foot game (I have to kill it) Owner got up and doing.  Reminded had to set off on journey to see new Dentist.

New para to keep you interested.  The consultation (that was too long a word really, for what was a meeting and a nice chat) went well reports Owner, who also reported being freezing and damp from drizzle.  Did you take umbrella no 2 I asked?  this is the new umbrella ella ella, with cats on it instead of the one Owner adored (no1) with owls on it.  Despite having this, and it staying up over her head, Owner says it was that sort of drizzle that sought you out!  In awe of new Dentist who seemed from another world, I said yes Owner some people see these Dentists all the time!  Owner will be going back to start the treatment and says is going to be BRAVE.  Once home we immediately noticed a beauty sunset coming on (after I'd been tummy tickled and fed.  twice).  so here follows a photoshoot to cheer you on|:

Owner tried hard to put these two photos side by side but in danger of losing wits so I said STOP Owner!  Everyone can see that the first one is before the second one.  Yes.  And at any rate you can see what a tremendous (blimey) sky it went to.
Final para as worn out checking Owner.  Now Ruggles you say?  he is coming into the good kitchen and feeding out of his own bowl and then laying on the good door mat.  And yesterdee did he play a game with me under the adjoining door to the dining room (could not think up a better word folks).  So all well in that dept.  We can also report stumbling across what may be the highlight of Owner's television delights.  it is (drum roll and then bit of bongo drumming we think) get me outta here, imacelebrity.  When did Steve Davis our snooker hero of the past (well Owner did not like him in the past, but that is now past past)become so interesting and so funny?  We did laugh and that is now our big favourite programme ahead of the dancing, the 'singing' and corrie.  Corrie we are watching tonight and we still love it lots.  Now we have heard on the good radio 2 that this same storm is still ablowin through and we send our best to anyone out there in it.  so please go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big Love Wonka x