Friday, 8 November 2013

New moon Fridee

Wonka here.  First off it has gone warmer and that will explain why I have had to sleep for most of the day and now into the evening.  Due to there being a new moon Owner says feels refreshed and ready to face the world, or some of it.  She is now a fan of this band called the Morris Quinlan Experience and cannot stop going on about them.  I said can you stop GOING ON Owner!  She said not yet, and is still talking them up.  why you say?  all down to their version of Scarborough Fair and yes it is based on a fairytale (not rumplestiltskin but getting there).  What fairytale you ask.  Owner thinks it is to do with a fair maiden trying to undo a spell and given impossible tasks by the spell casters.  Owner will not rest until made everyone listen to it.  No, I am not under the bed.  And if you must listen to it go to their website. (I love it).

Fresh and second para.  There is much in the news and some of it folks is about a nasty old wind blowing at 200 mph in the Philippines.  We have said a prayer as it sounds like they all need one.  In the meantime, that new moon up there well here follows a photoshoot that Owner took at twilight.
 Don't you just love our starry lights!  and that new moon is there, you can feel it you just can't see it.

Last Para.  Now Ruggles we love him yes we do, Owner even more worried if that is possible about his tail and now swaying more towards a full on kidnap to the vets.  In the meantime he is loving my pouches of good as it looks and I must remain generous and not fearful of starving.  also a worry is Owner on a small spending spree and yet again nothing, I repeat nothing, that is needed.  Did you, I said to Owner, need a small black dress that a size zero would look big in??  Owner said it HAD MY NAME on it.  I think not.  Now last night we were enthralled (what a beauty of a word) with masterchef and fell in love with Petrus, a big smiley chef from south Africa and no sooner had we fallen in love did Michel and Monica do their little debating thing and vote him out!  We love it.  So tonight we will be glued to that, and Corrie X 2 of course with Hayley not liking the wallpaper and that foster child been let out to a concert with manipulative child.  Big mistake we say!  on Enders the sad tale of murder dominates only to be ousted by the return of Bianca and a chappie in tow.  Owner has withdrawal symptoms for Simon Gruel I mean Cowell and the American Hex Faktor which has disappeared off our screens.  Why?  we love it so please come back soon.  Now here we are at the weekend so go steady out there in the world.  We are having sausage sandwiches our favourite.  big love Wonka x