Saturday, 2 November 2013

Rainbows Satdee

Wonka here.  Yes folks, torrential rain with a spot of sun means might be a rainbow and there was!  We love a good rainbow and Owner did take a photo as loves it that much.  Will save though for (a rainy day!!) a day when we need to cheer ourselves up.  Now today, Owner was in a positive mood and I didn't have to spur her on.  I said to her I said.  GO TO IT.  why you say?  Well she set off back to the new found artie place with her artwork, and blow me down does she see a book there written by someone she actually knows.  And this is Owner don't forget who doesn't know anybody.  (The nice receptionist yesterdee said to her do you know so and so everyone knows them, Owner says no, I don't know anyone.)  Now of course she is ready for a giant rejection on the artwork and I may a) go under the bed or b) give her some well meaning advice.  I agree that a) is the best option.

Fresh para and as promised a bit more of said artwork.  On perusing (lovely word that) through it all I chose one of Golly because he was my best friend and let me in in the first place.
What you say are those funny things that Golly is cuddling up to?  Well the story is this folks.  Before me, and I know this seem strange that there was a time before me, well there was Owner's dog called Diva.  And Diva and Golly were pals.  And the two teddies, one was white the big one sitting up and the other was green lying down under a paw.  They were knitted of course.  So I've been told by Owner they were Diva's favourites and we still have them to cuddle up to.  Put those hankies away folks!!

Final para.  As I am writing this Ruggles is asleep on the laundry box in a toasty warm kitchen.  he is full up on his best tea time and seems to like Radio 2 with Dermot O ' Leary and so do we.  We love him.  There was a nice Dr called Dr John on the show advising all on Flu jabs.  Owner says aged parent will not have one of these and although we want to say something here Owner says WE MUSTN'T.  Yes a dual visit was made today and Owner has returned in one piece and still smiling. I rejoiced I did.  Now smiling because tonight we have lots of dancing on strictly and we are deeply in love with Pasha, and Abi and Ali.  yes.  Then we can sate ourselves on the Hex Facktor that is us British people singing or at least trying hard to entertain us all.  We love it!  So Owner fairly upbeat yes.  And tomorrow morning if can leap up out of pit, we have Hardeep on Radio 2 doing good morning sunday.  heavenly.  Now go steady all you good folks out there.  Big love Wonka x