Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sillly Satdee

Wonka here.  did it turn into a nice day, sunny and calm to make up for that sharp wind on Fridee.  So prising Owner out of bed not too tricky and only went back to sleep once that I can remember.  Once down below it was action stations.  no Ruggles for breakfast as he will quite rightly think that turning up then may mean capturing like it did last satdee.  but what you say, about turning up at teatime as he was captured then too.  Well folks, he may have sorted this puzzle out by not turning up until supper time!  when capturing anyone is not on the cards.

Fresh para to make a list.  What is top of the to do list you say?  Well teeth are jostling with cars for first up, closely followed by hair and Christmas.  Teeth you say.  let's move on to the car thing as it will include talk of the dentist.  First though a nice photoshoot to get us in the mood for the good season ahead.
Now what is that you ask, and I say you should be asking who!!  that hat lit up and played a song at the same time.  Owner was entranced, and this was spotted at the Christmas fayre last Satdee when Owner did visit aged sibling.  I can only hope she ordered my present while she was there.
Fresh possibly final para but we will see.  back to the matter at hand and that is the car puzzle folks.  Nothing further was heard from the nice man who was selling a car with alloy wheels.  nothing.  BE CAREFUL Owner I advised, buying privately and online!  Now last night although said was exhausted Owner did have another look online and this time folks spotted a car at a car dealers.  yes, I did say be careful again, but she has now progressed this enquiry into a full on enquiry and may even go and see it in the metal!!  She had a nice chat with the nice car dealer and we can only hope and pray yes pray to all the chariot gods, that this car might be the new stroke second hand stroke used car.  After Owner had spoken to this nice salesman, she took it upon herself to call into the good dentist as yet another disaster has befallen (I do love that word befallen, as that is what the tooth did, it befell) but wait for this...the dentist place was shut well the good door was open with a nice sign on the door saying closed due to a FLOOD.  Oh! said Owner to the two good workmen, and when will it be a dentist again?  Tuesdee they reported.  Owner has taken this one on the chin as can only deal with one fret at a time and the car must take precedence (OOOOH). 
Real final para!  tonight you will know we are glued to the dancing and may glimpse Pasha but are rooting for Mark still and Abi.  then we will support the failing show on the other side, where all are singing their hearts out especially the one who has everything going for her except being able to focus on the lyrics. (Owner said.).  We hope to spy Ruggles later on or this will cause Owner to fret (my new fave word).  Our hearts go out to Glasgow tonight as they had a disaster strike them last night.  We love Glasgow and Owner once lived there due to a marriage she says.  Now do go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  big Love Wonka x