Saturday, 9 November 2013

sleepy Satdee

Wonka here. well it being the weekend and all we did sleep in a titch.  Then Owner leaped into action doing this doing that, I said SLOW DOWN you are making me dizzy.  anyway thankfully there was not time to hoover. no.  Instead owner flung off to swim and shop and visit.  Me?  thanks for asking, I was able to settle down and do what comes naturally, and that is more sleeping.

Fresh para.  Now as suspected that 200mph wind did cause a lot of damage and more prayers to the islands folks.  here it was a good sunny day really and we must not grumble.  Well Owner did grumble and it was because of her bag.  She was forced to start using a new bag because the one she loves and adores and is admired by all well the strap came loose.  Some people I said do not have any bag at all!!  do I look big in this bag goes Owner, does it look right.   The worst thing of all dear folks out there is that the new bag got aged parent's seal of approval and this could mean death to it ever going out with Owner again!!
Now apropos (get me) of nothing, I begged Owner to put up a photoshoot of her old and beloved sorely missed (hankies away!!) dog that has been mentioned, Diva.  This sketch by Owner includes the two fairies who Owner said lived under her tail (Bad fairy of course) and just by her ear (good fairy).  there is a story to go with it and one day Owner might look at it again.  I love it and dear Golly cat who was my best friend, well he loved Diva too.  she was a beaut, and to all those dog lovers out there, well Diva is a little treat for you,  We are not all about cats all the time.  Just most of the time.
Last para.  ruggles you say?  our best stray has slept all day on his snug and warm car seat and then in for some tea.  Owner did treat us to some real chicken and we are eternally grateful to the chicken.  Again.  I did my poor best with Owner after another disaster with aged parent.  ~Being a good visitor is not a strength.  Look I said, we have so much to live for!!  there is the dancing (latest crush Pasha is out) there is the singing (do not have a favourite) there is a film about the Vietnam war (we love war films) so you see I said it's not all bad.   thankfully Corrie is not on as their Roy and Hayley slowly dying is not cheering us up as a storyline it is a hankies out one!!  We love it.  Oh and Owner is now the proud owner of the Scarborough Fair CD yes by the Morris Quinlan Experience incase you had all forgotten! So think of me folks as she will be playing it a lot.  Now go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big love wonka x