Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Snowdee Tuesdee

Wonka here.  the cold has got here.  Snuggly and warm until we touched down.  Owner reports cold has descended (ooer) into her brain and it is in lockdown.  Is this an excuse I said (ready to sprint back upstairs) for not doing anything?  I still got my breakfast and only had to wait ten minutes.  Now today there is, to use that word again slightly different but sort of the same, nothing planned.  so anything could happen, if Owner's brain snaps back into action.

Fresh para done in a snappy way.  in keeping with the word snap, I said to Owner could we have a photoshoot of one of your sketches and can it be Tinkerbelle?  OOh you say, do you mean Tinkers, the Usurper cat that darts and dashes past your gate so fast you cannot make out what it is doing?  No folks, not that Tinkerbelle but in celebration of owner's Dad, who is now in wood carving heaven, and is never far from Owner''s brain, this is a sketch of one of his little wooden cats:
Now this sketch is also a postcard, yes a proper postcard you can send, and Owner is proudly selling these cards in her new online shop.  if only we could have a real shop I said.  I am doing my best said Owner to keep us from starving.  The new online shop is with Etsy.com, and we are called (guess what we are called.  Just like Rumplestiltskin I will give you a chance)......until tmro.
New and probably final para.   No there is a lot to talk about, the fact that it has snowed, whether Owner will ever work again, or cheer up and finally whether ruggles is going to be warm enough in the shed.  On his snuggly car seat with a hot water bottle.  is it a water bed you ask?  as near as dammit we say.  Owner is even now racking brains (they are warmed up now) for a solution.  I am happy to consider him being indoors as long as I get first dibs at everything.  there I've said it and made a small commitment.  Just like Owner has to do with the treatment at the dentist. (not to be mentioned at all today.  Owner on shut down with it).  I said to Owner you are tired and that is why you are worrying about Ruggles, tinkers and the known universe.  And me if you get a space in your brain to worry.  No of course I did not say that to Owner.  She LOVES me. 
This folks is now the real last para:   Now despite Hardeep who we do love most of the time,(and as he played that Scarborough Fair by the Morris Quinlan Experience which Owner is mad about) making remarks about imacelebrity like we are not right if we enjoy it, well we do enjoy it, and we are not going to be snobbish either.  Owner needs cheering up and Steve Davis and that nice Joey from Essex, we love them.  Corrie didn't cheer us up and neither did Enders but that is alright.  concussed and recovering from brain injury (that word brain again) Nick is shouting and being erratic, whilst evil David is courting sympathy.  we love it.  tonight, we must catch up with beloved masterchef and that good hospital drama where they are fully staffed and all falling in love with each other.  do go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big Love Wonka x