Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sunny Thursdee

Wonka here.  Yes if it didn't go all blue sky and sunny out there, a beauty November day to make up for the gloom.  and Owner set to with a will, saying things like, I'm going to do something different today.  Yes.  does a spot of varnishing count I asked later on?  And if I do say it and I am Owner's biggest fan, not only were her nails varnished to perfection but did she apply some to a floor also!  Of course no one would spot the difference but not to worry I said.  Me?  I'll manage I dare say, I was a bit pat and mick on one of Owner's best duvets but she's only just noticed and is still speaking to me.

Fresh para.  On the good subject of snuggly (clean) duvets here follows a sketch by Owner of me snuggling down.
Yes on my settee that is and that was a lovely soft cushion that has long gone.  Who is dib dab you ask, well Owner calls me many names (later) and sherbet dibdab happens to be one of them.  You may or may not know the famous fairy story Rumplestiltskin?  and in it, does this poor girl have to try and guess his name to break a spell or some such (we love that story) well goodness if someone had to guess mine they would have a few to pick from....
Fresh para.  Now Ruggles is still turning up to the shed in the night and sleeping all day.  Owner says glimpsed his tail and looked sore.  Said giant prayer and usual turmoil about kidnapping him to the vets.  usual tussle over to vets or not to vets.  Me?  I hate it at the vets and as soon as I'm in the carrier do I start up.   I have to be dragged out of the carrier and then I run back in after all the prodding and poking.  worst of all, weighing me and exclaiming at my size.  It's ballast folks and will save me if I get ill.
Final para. Masterchef is keeping Owner transfixed (good word I like it) at the minute and on again tonight with lovely Michel (I adore him as he loves the undercat and always brings them on) and the willing chefs.  We don't have an all out favourite as yet.  Owner is trying to retain some culture in her life so is still wading through I mean reading Dracula.  she reports that the scene is now set in Whitby and there has been a storm.   I said does she like the characters? (Dracula to one side) and she said surprisingly there are women in it she can relate to.  Amazing I said.  Now apart from being cultured, we will be watching Enders as an antidote (you can have too much culture, does Radio 2 count?) as it is still doing very well on the recent murder in the square and now nasty mixed up Janine has been to visit poor star struck Alice in prison to taunt her really.  Will good bruv Joey save Alice?  we can but hope.  Now please enjoy your evenings or mornings or afternoons wherever you are in the world.  Big Love Wonka x