Saturday, 16 November 2013

Supportin Satdee

Wonka here.  Up a touch early for my liking as was prepared to snoozle for another good hour.  No said Owner!   apparently it takes two hours to prepare to set off on a journey, which is longer than the journey itself takes.  for any of you who like their maths thought you ought to know that, did not say this to Owner.   At minute says cannot get hair to look anything like the hairdresser does.  I still said nothing to Owner.

Fresh para.  so finally, Owner sets off and I must tell you now in keeping with the title folks, it was to support Daughter over final goodbye to twilight years Demi.  Of course there is a photoshoot:
I hasten to add this is just Owner's interpretation (long word for me on a Satdee) and perhaps does not do Demi justice (in case either she from her heavenly seat in the next room, or indeed daughter from her earthly one differ) but I say it does Demi proud and don't forget we did meet, briefly, for a hissing session.  Demi, we love you!!  so there we are and Owner did help out with that final visit thing that I musn't dwell on or think about.  We are nearly encroaching (I may never find a better word) on the corrie storyline and good Hayley wanting to exit early.  It comes down to this:  goodbye Demi sleep tight. x
Last para and hankies firmly away!  for some reason Owner has put on a film on the good tv with that ernest borgnine or some such name in it and I have never seen such a film.  I said to Owner TURN IT OFF.  but she is busy and said it will soon be over.  It is called Granpa in case you never want to watch it too.  Now we did watch a fair bit of the needy children thing and we adore yes adore Sir Tel.  Tonight it is an all singing and dancing evening and we love it.  We are now rooting for Susanna and her partner who is called Kevin from Grimsby.  Owner said he is doing well if he came from there.  Later we will root for erm, bit of a problem as no firm favourite in the singing.  We do like Luke though. Now it has been a long day for me, snoozing right up to the red hot radiator (Owner refuses to cut back) and waking up to eat and have a tummy tickle.  Ruggles has done likewise minus the tummy tickle.  Not seen tinkers but will keep you posted.  Now please go steady now we are on the weekend, wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x