Thursday, 14 November 2013

Telling Thursdee

Wonka here.  Pleased to report the beauty weather continues and if isn't sunny in our hearts well it definitely is outside.  What's this you say and question?  All started off well although Owner did speak of only two inches of sleep all night.  I didn't notice this as slumbered peacefully until the good alarm alarmed and I had to give Owner a tiny prickle with my claw on her lower lip.  yes I am still alive folks!  being half asleep helped to save me, as Owner not fully up to scratch!!  I do love a good joke specially if I just made it.  Now we moved gradually into the day and all continued well.

Fresh para, to regain your attention if it was lost.  Downhill from about half threeish Owner reckons or maybe a tad earlier when visiting aged parent's home (whilst aged parent not there.  Was that on purpose I said before retreating behind the settee).  This visit was followed up by another aged sibling visit and sandwiched inbetween all these fraught visitings was a trip to the dentist! Now tell me folks is this adding up to a peaceful and benign day.  Can a day be benign?  it can if we want it to be and there is a nice word for that but Owner cannot be bothered to think of it.  To calm us and remind us of good and benign times here follows a nice photoshoot of Golly, my best friend that was:
Yes it's me and Golly as to be fair I wanted one of us both cuddling up.   Golly is facing and looking very wise and I am at the bottom.  Those were the days.  righto hankies away folks!

New Para.  So anyhow, the dentist you ask, you thought Owner practically lived there?  Well yes and even the good assistants there have said as much.  Short of moving in with him, the beloved Dentist, Owner is doing a fair imitation.  it is the run up you see to a big consultation.  By another good Dentist.  On Mondee coming.  Enough about that! then it was back to a fraught meeting about aged sibling which is where Owner let the side down.  Did you get upset I asked?  DID I! replied Owner. 

End para.  Ruggles was not only in the good shed this morning all snug but stopped there all of the day only coming out at tea time.  And we spied Tinkerbelle flitting past the gate.  Owner is convinced now that Tinkers is a girl (how do you know I said?) that she is having kittens (again this is a good stretch of imaginations) and that (here it comes) Ruggles is the Dad.  if I had a case I would rest it.  Now tonight hopefully amongst needy children's concerts which all seem to showcase (that word case) Mr Barlow, we hope for some masterchefing which was a bit lacklustre last night (love that word lacklustre).  Anything else in that reality line, as you know we lap it up.  Am I on form or am I on form folks!  Now we did hear on our favourite radio 2 a morsel of news re Blockbuster - many are to lose jobs and this strange man spoke of digital ages, of online things whilst it was put to him that some of us, YES, are still wanting to physically handle DVDs.  Soapbox time!!  We have of course played Scarborough Fair once today, we love it and we love The Morris Quinlan Experience for cheering Owner up.  Go steady out there folks in the world wherever you are.  big Love Wonka x