Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tense Thursdee

Wonka here.  the trick is to keep going even when your life (Owner's) is on pause or worse still, at a full stop.  DON'T CRY Owner I said later on during a horrid phone call about money.  What else can I do returned Owner?  Just deal with it, I said back.  And I admit my voice may have echoed a bit from under the bed.

Fresh slightly worn out para.  I usually begin with the weather report and here it is.  cold, cold and cold.  Owner?  said felt very ugly.  Oh no I said, from near to the under the bed.  However, I can report that once Owner fled out to the wide world on a shopping spree and returned much later with some alright things, that this did turn a poor situation back round.  What then went on to spoil it you ask?  that was when, and I will do my list 1) a letter was on the mat by the good front door 2) Owner opened it as it said THIS IS NOT a circular on it 3) read it and immediately make a horrid phone call that was sposed to help.  Ring this number for Help it said.  (should that be point 4).  The thing is folks it all took a nosedive from then.  Photoshoot to cheer us up:
You will know it is me and Mousey!!  we love it.

Final yes final para.  after the bad phone call all about a bad dentist scenario Owner did slowly recover by playing her favourite yes it was ~Scarborough Fair!  no surprises there folks.  Now she did cheer up a tad by watching something new called Backchat or something very similar to that and it had a nice young man called Jack Whitehall and his Dad in it.  They interview people and talk to each other and on the couch was Mr Paxman that nice man from University Challenge and then did this new cockney type person sit on the settee to be talked to and it turns out he is to star in Enders!!! gossip for Owner.  so Owner has new crush she says.  What about the others I said?  Who, she said.  Now tonight to try and keep Owner's spirits high, there is Enders with many a confusing storyline and even some new characters when we have hardly caught up with the last ones (Bianca's extended family ones) but then folks it is Masterchef!  surely that will make Owner smile you say and if not there is nice Joey from Essex stillinthejungle.  Those bush tucker trials with nice Ant and Dec.  Now Ruggles is fed and watered and been in his shed mostly.  He did pop in but showed signs of wanting to go straight back out.  he is now out.  me?  coping with Owner that's me!  now go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x