Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wonderful Wednsdee

Wonka here.  blow me down if it isn't another beauty day and the frosty morning all a sparkle!  am I  turning into a poet you ask?  A little sun to make it fun.  There you are that is my offering on the poetry front folks.  Now listen here, but is Owner in a good mood today.  Why you want to know, what could have caused this turn in her fortunes?  First off in fact let me make a small list as I like to do.  1) woke up in good mood due to nice dreams 2) was able to get on with own life as agency has not interfered with it by giving her a shout (yes we could starve but we will die happy.  well Owner might) and 3) does she whisk outside on her shed duties and suddenly notices a shy little tomato poking out of the plant.  In November!  Photoshoot folks:

How much of a Tomato Miracle is that then! We love it.  and so far, Owner has not picked it.

Fresh para. We have to report here there is some poor news regarding Blockbuster which is Owner's and daughter's favourite shop for DVD renting.  Unlike the rest of the world, Owner likes to physically go into a shop and manhandle the DVDs (into submission.  only joking Owner!) before carefully choosing one an hour later.  and disregarding all stroke any of the offers to buy cartloads of sweets and drinks to keep you up half the night whilst you are watching the other three DVDs you had to get because the nice assistant recommended them.  Yes.  Well if we had the money folks and I can assure you we don't, we would buy the shop up and run it.  Some of us, said Owner want to talk to a shop assistant!  We love it.

Fresh and possibly final para.  Me you ask?  Nicely thank you and so is Ruggles who made a brief appearance early doors.  And do read this bit, he is even now in the kitchen snuggled up on the new back door mat!  full up on real chicken and good as it looks.  Yes I have had some too thanks for wondering.  I tried to poke my paw under the kitchen (who would know that Kitchin is spelt kitchen?) stroke dining room door and from the other side Owner reports Ruggles looked really interested.  But Owner says we MUST NOT MEET.  until such times as he is sterile of all known germs and things that live on cats.  and that means a visit to the vets and that means that decision that Owner still not made.  worn out after that dilemma thing.  Now tonight we are watching masterchef and rootin for Vinnie who took out his giant earrings (those funny see through your ears ones) for the sake of the competition.  We love him.  And luckily Michel did too though Monica took more convincing.  After Corrie and it's hankies out storyline we think we will love the cooking.  Now go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  big Love Wonka x