Monday, 6 January 2014

Amazing Mundee!

Wonka here.  folks you will want to know one thing and one thing only,  am I alright?  surly the first thing, and second, what about Owner??  Straight away I can bring you up to scratch (sorry, could not resist!!).  Owner has returned from long weekend in PARIS.... insisted on feeding me four different types of food my fave good as it looks plus a bowl of chicken.  Did you have the time of your life Owner I went?  YES I DID! she goes.

Fresh down to earth para.  She has a million photos and a million happy memories and says she nearly stayed in Paris because she loves it there.  Saw a job for a server in a little café and nearly applied for it.  WHAT ABOUT ME I went?  You can come too, she goes.  In your dreams Owner but suffice (new word) to say she has come back all fired up and rarin to go.  In the meantime and until Owner sifts through the thrillion photos of everything (including some Paris birds for me.  Pigeons, she said) here is a little sketch of me because I am still very very important and Owner did miss me.

and tonight folks is what some call twelf (spelling!) night so we can still pop on a Christmas sketch of me at Christmas.   We loved it.
Final para it really is as Owner says we need to catch up and re bond and things.  You see folks I really missed Owner despite all the wonderful arrangements and good cat sitters ( professional and everything) and good daughters what spoil me there is no one no, no one like beloved Owner.  She goes, until I knew (quote) that you were alright via daughter,, I could not enjoy myself and go and see the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Champs Elysee and the Place de Concorde.  Is that a fact Owner I went? I LOVE PARIS goes Owner but I did want to give you a cuddle.  Oh.  I said.  Now, since Owner came back there is a lot to do.  Unpacking and washing and coming back down to earth.  I have had a lot of cuddles and I even gave a piteous cheeping noise when she rolled back in.  Tonight Owner is re orientating herself (big word) and may sleep like a log.  While that is going on, we may watch Corrie times two on catch up to help us with that re orientating thing.  it really does help.  Owner says the Eiffel Tower was all lit up and twinkling and shining light all over Paris like some wonderful starship.  She Loved it, I love it, and You would love it.  In the meantime and until tomorrow, which is demain says Owner (I am a Chat), and lots of good photoshoots, go steady out there in the world wherever you are in it. Big Love Wonka x