Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Back to it Tuesdee!!

Wonka here.  Did we sleep in YES WE DID.  And even though Owner left a note to self about it being dustbin day the first thing she thought when woke up was...........and I quote...not 'how lovely to be back with beloved Wonka, not 'I wonder if Wonka is starving BUT Oh, I must put the dustbin out.  I insisted on an extra tummy tickle for that.

Fresh para.  Now yesterdee you may (or may not if not looking properly or concentrating) have spotted a word not spelt right.  I have to own up it was Owner's fault not mine.  I said to Owner is surely spelt SURLY or like that and she didn't help.  Yes she was tired out but that is no excuse.  Pardon messieurs and mesdames!! (alright I tried!)  Owner says cannot stop saying things in French like Je pense, and Je sais or more likely to be je ne sais pas quoi.  Mais oui, and not to forget I am a chat.  Now for the next few weeks and I think it may see January out, our photoshoots will be all about the grand trip.  so first up is the start of the trip:

All is not lost but for now there is no photoshoot.  We have tried and tried and tried again with it and Owner on point of shouting and me? thanks for asking, I am about to run under the bed.  It will not work the upload thing.  I am begging Owner not to lose patience.  Owner I said, we can always do another photoshoot blog when it is back to normal.  shoot being the operative word (oooh).  Now tonight apart from having to calm Owner down we shall watch a thing or two on the box.  it will be Enders as that is so silly now it is very calming and Owner can vent her wrath by shouting at it.  Then there is the good hospital drama and at the risk of repeating past thoughts we think that baby may arrive.  Surely (!!) it is time.  Now I do want to say sorry to all about lack of good photos but we have pleaded with the people in charge to sort it out.  YES WE HAVE shouted Owner.  Please do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are and especially if 1.  you need a holiday 2.  you are freezing and cold and 3.  you are losing patience with something.  We love it!  Big Love Wonka x