Friday, 31 January 2014

Flamingo Fridee!

Wonka here.  Early start and Owner woke up miles before the good alarm.  I admit and own up to a tiny minute scratch delivered to Owner's chin for no known reason.  Owner let me off and we got up 2 seconds before the alarm started its singing.  Why is it so dark she kept on about, in between feeding me,  feeding me again and then topping up my biscuits.  IT'S SIX IN THE MORNING I said.  Of course it is dark.  And today folks is the last day of January and officially the year of the Horse.  Giddy Up!!

Fresh  para.  what are you on about, you say, Flamingo Fridee?  This is the secret Owner carried over to today.  She went with the little people to a Zoo there and even caught sight of these birds. Now you see in the centre of this photoshoot, a tiny huddle of pink things? this folks is the huddle of pink flamingos in the rain and cold.  In fact Owner reported to daughter who she thinks will be laughing and rolling round on the floor, that she has rarely been so cold and wet.  Daughter knows that Owner not up to much when cold.  And then rained on.  Did you put your earmuffs on I said.  DID NOT MAKE  ANY DIFF she goes.  What else did you and the little people spot then I said to cheer her on.  Says saw Tigers, what real ones I said, YES, and sea lions, and giraffes and Baboons.  And last but not least there were meerkats and I am pleased to hear we are so well represented.  

Last para yes it is.  Now after this rainsoaked cold but happy Owner stumbled back in of course I was fed and tummy ticked immediately and then out she goes to the luxury shed and who is nestled in there but good Ruggles.  he was given a new hot water bottle to cuddle up to and a nice plate of chick.  No sign of Mr Beaujangles but it is raining out there and the ledge is soggy.  Tonight we will be spellbound with good Corrie and it really is the pretend funeral of Hayles so hankies out chaps!  Hankies out for Enders because it is driving us funny said Owner with Carol and her cancer which is no excuse for ranting all the time.  She is not our fave character and especially now she has given Masood the heave ho we blame her for everything.  We love it.  Now as it is the weekend we say go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x