Saturday, 25 January 2014

Laugh don't cry Satdee

Wonka here.  it all started in the night around midnight after Owner woke up thinking it was early morn.  What happened I said?  I lay there for hours reviewing my whole life goes Owner.  After a few good and some bad reviews says finally dropped off.  This seemed to set the tone for the day.  And Owner insisted on doing some horrid monster hoovering.   I sped upstairs and luckily it did not follow me.  later on because Owner had opened the good bedroom window to FRESHEN IT UP did it go dark outside the wind got up and it lashed down with rain right into the room!  I told you to shut it I whispered to Owner when she fell back in after an up and down visiting session. (she didn't hear me)  HORRID WEATHER she goes.

Fresh and dry para.  Now as you can see good folks in the Wold, today really was one step behind or behind the beat or just plain out of kilter.  On days like this we need cheering up.  First off a photoshoot to do just that and we will have a mystery one: you are thinking has Wonka gone funny and NO I have not.  This is a cheering up photoshoot of the good pink early morning sky yesterdee and there are three cheeky seagulls just out of view to your left.  Owner thought had captured them and hadn't.  NOT TO WORRY Owner I goes as our reader stroke follower will love it.  We love anything pink really.  What else can cheer us up? Owner is to visit Daughter and Grandson tmro  this is cheering (finger crossed everybody! Joking Owner!).  Me? Oh yes thanks for asking and I am now on Senior biscuits, Yes.   Owner had to tap the saucer several times and say to me as if I were daft SENIOR BIscuits Wonka!  To humour her I did peck at a few and really got going on the senior good as it looks.  I love it.

Final para as we are worn out here being cheerful instead of miserable.  Owner says aged parent got a degree in being miserable and I told her off straight away and said you'd be a misery at that age too.  Owner mumbled to herself so I didn't catch it.  Now tonight folks aside from checking the good yard for Ruggles we will be glued to The Voice and Kylie.  last week they all stayed in their giant seats whilst a perfectly good singer sang.  He is now on a record contract which said Owner begs the question of why they need to turn round and snap someone up then??  We love it.  Then it is good Casualtee with Uncle Charley nursey advising and guiding and the two new doctors are good bruvvers and we love them already.  On a day like today when no one is doing anything right or capable of, and the Wold seems an inexplicable (get me!) confusing mess, then I say to you all go steady out there wherever you are in it (the mess or the Wold).  big love Wonka x