Monday, 13 January 2014

Miracle Mundee

Wonka here.  Set the good alarm and only slept through one set of peepings.  Up we got and I shot down those stairs in anticipation (new word for me that) of a hearty breakfast.  And I surprised Owner by eating the first saucer of good as it looks before asking for more.  Blimey she goes, you liked that one, what was it?  LAMB good as it looks I said.  Owner thinks bit of a misnomer (she says that is a word so I am using it) as it looks horrid she says.  Well I like it I said back.   Looked out back and it was frosty again.  End of weather report from me but Owner says sun was dazzling and it was a bit colder.

Fresh para.  Someone outside is running their engine and this never fails to annoy Owner to the point of staring out the window at them or, pulling the curtains so she cannot see them.  I have used several diversion tactics but luckily they have revved up one final noisy rev and shot off down the street.  yes I have used the word shot once already but I like it and will use it at will. (misquote from fave film Zulu when Stanley thingy tells those brave welsh soldiers to fire at will.  poor old Will I said! sorry).
Now back to our usual photoshoot.  Yes it is the very last of the beloved Louvre.Yes folks it is the world famous Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci.  Owner says followed all the signs with her little face on and trotted down miles of corridors and miles of stairs and still had to ask where she was!  she was off this big gallery in a smaller room and as soon as you turned to go in did you see her!  up on the facing wall behind glass and surrounded by people from all over the world.  it was a moment to savour said Owner.  I love her (Mona I mean well Owner too).and after that excitement Owner finds out there is another important person to see and it is Venus de Milo!! No wonder Owner slow to come round to everyday living is it?  Now today the miracle happened and a shout for some work.  Owner gladly accepted and sped off to do it.  It was a nice day and the class were tiny people and very well behaved with it.  She did leave her glasses and I said Owner is that an omen for you to go back? PERHAPS she said. Me?  thanks for asking, I had a nice peaceful day lounging on my big bed downstairs that doubles up as a settee.  The minute Owner returned I had a nice plate of chick so cannot complain.  Good Ruggles is calling for tea anytime between 3 and 9pm and is quite a stickler for best whiskas now.  We did see Tinkers whistle through the back yard yesterdee, but it was just a glimpse.  The bell is the give away.

Final final para.  Now last night we had to watch the dancing on ice and did quite like it in parts.  Some of them can skate and some of them can't.  We tried to like Sherlock but Owner said it's like Dr Who gone up a few notches.  We're ashamed to say we cannot understand that either but know lots of you good folks do.  Tonight we will be fairly steady on our soaps, that's corrie x 2 and we hear a new family will arrive into it and they are muslim folk.  Get ready street!  Over in Enders it doesn't matter about introducing different religions because they are too busy banging people on the head with wine bottles and accidentally killing them and then no one yes no one does notice.  The nice Ronnie and foxy are in it somewhere.  Tomorrow don't ask but dentist visits are lined up unless they cancel and I will have to go under the bed to avoid Owner's dismay.  On a level of one to ten it is ten.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are folks.  Big Love Wonka x