Monday, 27 January 2014

More to it Mundee

Wonka here.  Another terrible night reports Owner.  I cannot say I noticed anything really and enjoyed the trip downstairs in the deep of the night as I had a biscuit while I was there.  And I did think Owner a tad jumpy when I gave a tiny scratch due to being startled by her hand stroking me!  how I was to know it was good and beloved Owner and not a monster!!  She reminded me of this all day long saying things like and I quote THERE WAS NO NEED for that!

Fresh para.  now it was all stations go today once we did get up, which was later on due to the bit in the deep of the night.  Owner was doing this and doing that and I thought well whilst all this activity around me like a whirling catish (not dervish as you know I am a fully paid up cat) I'll settle down nicely and didn't Owner try and stroke me, and again I thought it surely was a giant monster and lashed out!!  Now to take our minds off this a photoshoot: who is that gorgeous little kitwit you ask?  of course it is me, very early on in my career as chief advisor to Owner and there I am on the stair with one of my first Mouseys!! We love it.

Fresh possibly final para.  Now Owner cracked on with her life Aged Parent's life and all in all it's a wonder she didn't try and change mine.  She is to return to the nice place where she has a skipping crew of little people who thought she was impressive.  Ooher.  And this for the rest of the week so at least I can book in some down time and much needed rest.  Then she goes and does more sorting with Aged parent and meets nice GPs who really do deserve medals.  Back she comes and straightaway sees to me who is starving and then to Ruggles who is also starving and then to sort out the luxury shed.  Go Go Go Owner!!   By the way it did a tiny bit of snowing here enough to worry us for a moment before we got back on track.  Last night we loved the prancing on ice and our legends torville and dean did a turn.  We love them.  Tonight we must be faithful to Corrie X 2 and the sad story of Roy and anyone else oh yes Sally's do gooding daughter who is trying to decide between compassion (big but good word) and just plain old negative judging thingy.  She is a Christian and they always have these tussles. You cannot beat buddism if you ask me.  Owner says we must link into all of them and all roads lead to Rome.  But I said that's only because you want to leave me again and go there.  Oh yes and there is Enders with shirl and Whirl or whatever her sis's name is, and a parcel of new people we get in a muddle with not to mention alcoholic lauren and her older man and carol and her cancer.  Now as we come up to Tuesdee do go steady wherever you are in the Wold.  Big Love Wonka x