Friday, 10 January 2014

Planning It Fridee

Wonka here.  All those weather warnings and malarkey (Owner says that is a word and I like it)well it must be all going to visit another country or county because it is not coming to us.  The usual blue sky and dazzling sunlight here.  Owner jogged up and got ready without any phone calls to distract her either offering or cancelling work.  We like it that even stevens way!  As it happens Owner had plans for the day.  Are you going out for a long weekend but saying you will be back soon, I said to Owner.  I am going out on a DAY TRIP and will return for your teatime and ruggles is is. THANKGOODNESS I said.  Turns out it was true and Owner really did go and visit Daughter and grandson and come home again.

Fresh para to try and upload a photoshoot of The Louvre this time.  By the way, the good photo of the shop window turned into a sparkly one the last time we saw it! All the little lights going on and off. OOH went Owner.  Now this here this tiny photo that we cannot make any bigger (thank you blog!) was taken as we walked under the archway into the giant square of The Louvre.  Owner said to imagine a giant courtyard.  YES.  With beauty buildings lined up at the top bottom and both sides.  YES.  Then make an archway through one of the side buildings. YES.  As you walk through you can see at the sides down into the Louvre museum.  YES.  so that photo is from the Greek stroke Roman bit.  When you are in the square bit, then the Pyramid entrance is in the middle.  YES,  I said to Owner, I feel like I've been there.  We Love it.

final para maybe.  Owner reports fairly sensible visit lightened up by present giving.  All gifts from the magic city went down well especially the Mona Lisa and Chat fridge magnets.  (yes, je suis un Chat).  There was talk of planning and actions too.  Did you include yourself Owner I said.  (bearing in mind we could still starve)   I have a small plan on the go she went.  She also mentioned a web but not a spider one.  I love a spider me, and even though Owner afraid of them (they are called spidders to help her cope! Yes!) she has been known to save them from my paws of death!  I said what about the plan to feed me Owner!  Only joking!  Then did good Ruggles appear in the good back yard just as Owner tramping out to the shed with more supplies.  he chomped on his chick and whiskas before rushing off on his rounds. We love him and his stumpy tail.

Real final para.  Now last night we had to watch nice casualtee hospital drama on catch up and it was full of fun as you know.  people burnt and escaping from buldings and then packing it in with partners.  We loved it.  Tonight we hope to watch corrie x 2 and temptrous (spelling!)Tina has left in a taxi! In Enders the one we didn't like and cannot just recall her name but Max threw her out, well she left in one of his cars!  and Owner has only mentioned once that this time last week she was in her hotel room overlooking the Grands Boulevard.  I only came back because of you she said.  I LOVE YOU OWNER I said back.  Now it is the weekend yet again, so do go steady out there wherever you are in the Wold.  Big Love Wonka x