Sunday, 19 January 2014

Snooker Sundee

Wonka here.  Owner reports worst night's sleep in a long time and says visually it was like the nine of swords.  What is that Owner I said,  it is a tarot card she goes, and depicts a person sitting up in bed with their head in hands, with moonlight or white light on the bed.  MEANING?  worrying about things, turning them over in your mind she goes back.   And there was me thinking we jogged up in the middle of the night so Owner could have a nice cup of tea and read the paper!  Just goes to show eh?  It was raining again when we did get up but the good weather report said would clear. 

Fresh para.  Owner has put Dr No on, and just missed the iconic scene where Ursula Andress trots out of the sea.  Before that Owner had a film on from Channel 5 which as you know I have warned her against.  It was something's gotta give with Diane Keaton unbelievably having two suitors one of them a quarter of her age and the other Jack Nicholson.  When it got to the bit where Diane K is laughing like a hyena and then sobbing I begged Owner to put Dr No on.  I ask you.   For our photoshoot I am going to present a carving from Owner's Dad's gallery:
Here he is!!  This little fellow is a carving of Owner's old dog Sam.  When he had to trot off to heaven back in the late 90's, Owner's Dad did this to celebrate his wonderful life.  He was a cross collie Labrador and looked after Owner and daughter for fourteen glorious years.   He was so clever he did not need a lead says Owner and he would sit and stay as long as it took.  I only wish I had known him Owner.  SO DO I she goes. 

Fresh final para.  yes snooker sundee because our hero Ronnie O is in the final with Mr Selby and so far he is cracking on with it!  all the commentators have run out of good things to say, they say.   It was so soothing, the snooker talk about cutting a red in here and superb safety there and all he can do is sit tight (Mr Selby) that Owner and me dozed off on my giant bed that doubles as a settee!  We loved it.  Now before Dr No gets on Owner's nerves and she has to put Coast back on (please please no Owner!) a report on Ruggles.  He was very remiss and did not stop off last night but Owner said glimpsed him across the motorway stroke street this morning popping through someone else's gate!!  We expect him anytime now.  it's happened folks, Owner said Dr No way too violent and we are on with ski sundee.  Tonight we are watching everything folks from dancing on ice to call the midwife to giving the muskateers a look in or look at!!  With it being French and all Owner may like it.  MAIS OUI she goes!  Now all of you must go steady as we are approaching a new week and who knows what it will bring.  maybe some work, definitely a dentist trip (sorry Owner) and something nice please for all of us wherever we are in the Wold.  Big Love Wonka x