Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sort it Sundee

Wonka here.  We only snoozed through two lots of the snooze and I like it like that as I get extra cuddles.  Once the alarm machine fell off and Owner had to grope around for ages to find it we got up.  First off there was a nice pink sky and Owner goes OOH let's have a photoshoot when she spied it.  It could be our mystery photoshoot or it could be something else.  Then Owner got ready and after what seemed like a long time said CHERIO I won't be long.

Fresh para.  There is an annoying message on this blog but Owner said to try to ignore it.  Now the weather forecast and should I say good forecast as it was right and true.  Owner reports persistent (new word thankyou) rain all the way from here to Eternity no Hull she meant to say.  That was the first good visit to Daughter which went very well (thank you God).  Photoshoot is: Oh what a lovely surprise!  That is my fave toy of the minute the catnip fish with the secret pocket for catnip top ups!  and to the left good folks is another fave toy it is a dog and it does move round the room, whether it is by magic or Owner accidentally kicking it we are not sure.  We love it.

Fresh and rain free para.  So back to the trials of Owner then folks, yes she does like to be organised and decided on way home to visit aged Parent to check on things and SORT things out.  Did it work Owner I said when she stumbled back home aons (is that a word but I don't mind because I like it) of time later?  YES I THINK SO she said and then got on with the top job which was seeing to me.  I had freshish real chick and gobbled it up making Owner feel guilty and questioning if I am starving.  NOT NOW I said.  Then it was shed duty and whilst she was doing that good Ruggles sped in!  he ate three platefuls and then growled to go out which happened more or less instantly.  We love him and his big fat ruggleses face.

Real final para.  last night we did enjoy The Voice and defend all of Kylies choices (none) some of Will I Amses - one or was it two and all of Tom's.  The last singer to be chosen looked like Snow White and has four boys at home and Will is keen to support. (she chose Uncle Tom we think).  Now tonight we are on with the dancing and falling on ice with some nice judges on it plus those legends Torville and Dean.  Owner is tired out with sorting things out and may manage to stay up and watch those nice musketeers later on.  She said and I quote, it was better than I thought it would be.  OH I goes back.  Now do go steady out there in the World wherever you are in it and if you have just won the Aussie open tennis thingy we say Well Done (Stan something it was) and our best to Rafa who did lose.  Big Love Wonka x