Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Thankful Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Well did we both sleep like tops whatever that does mean and although it was a gloomygogs overcast and rain sodden (do like that one) day, it was a day to be thankful for, (said Owner).  Did you dream Owner I said when she finally came too this morn.   Yes thankyou she goes and some of it was about a snow storm.  did it get you I said?  NO (another thing to be thankful for).

OOh new toy thingy and it works unlike the other toys on this blog!!
Fresh para.  Now are you lucky or are you lucky but Owner has set to and has done a new series of sketches just for you lovely reader and it is called the cartoon series.  Of course most of them are about me and to do with me and of me. Now here it is and I know it seems weensy that is not our fault it is the Blog's fault!  It is a sketch of me at the good rain soaked window when Owner stumbles across the motorway stroke street having managed to park the car with no name under pressure.  yes. We tried to make it bigger and the good blog did not do it,  No,  We love it.

Fresh dry para.  Now today was a day of busyness, and also for Owner to go back to the good little people over lunch time and did you enjoy it I said first off after a tummy tickle and a plate of food.  I'VE BEEN BOOKED she goes and she didn't mean that in a negative way folks no, it was to say she is in demand.  At last I went!  and of course I can look forward to some nice relaxing downtime whilst Owner slaves away and then all the other million tasks that we will not mention here as you may fall asleep (that's what I do).  Now no visiting today folks as no time for that in between all those tasky things but we are revving up to some tomorrow.  Now this evening (Ooh how formal!) we are on with Enders and we missed it last night as Owner insisted on watching that nice Gryffin rice Jones chap on a visit to Wales and to look for a puffin.  Back on with Corrie and Owner was rather annoyed with the Fizz woman who made Roy tell all about good Hayles exit from this life stroke the corrie series.  LEAVE HIM ALONE goes Owner and she does know it isn't real folks.  Now tonight after we have watched out for Rug and checked the back step a thousand times there is Enders and we think we can catch up alright with whatever storyline they are on with.  it could be good Sharon and her chimney sweep son and evil Philly who knows and then we must watch the hospital one.  There is bonding with babies and rivalry between the doctors and nurses.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x  PS Owner had another try at making the good sketch bigger and she did it!  but then moaned it was blurred so back to weensy.  I know I know.  We love it.