Thursday, 16 January 2014

Timely Thursdee

Wonka here.   This morning dear reader stroke readers, we had a rude awakening.  How so, you ask.  Last night whether it was due to an overload of Richard the Lionheart or travelling on transpennine express, owner used a different mobile alarm.  For some reason, she also set the usual one.  Don't ask.  So at 6 30 am this morning this horrid robot voice announced it was TIME TO GET UP! I was so nervous I stayed under the bed and didn't do my good morning Owner routine (biting scratching and pouncing).  Owner was frightened into waking up and closed it down toute suite (that's French folks).  We don't love it and we will never use it again.

Fresh para to wipe away the memory of it.  We are on a Ruggles alert as he did not stop off yesterdee for his tea time.  yes, the food was gobbled up in the shed but unsure who by.  It s not, as yet on Owner's anxiety and worry of the day list.  I am going to make a list of all the good things in a minute.  But here is today's photoshoot postponed from yesterdee:What is it? you say.  It is one of Owner's Dad's carvings of a beauty swan with a set of good fairylights on it oh and that is a poster of me at the back!  it is the logo one for our wonkaandmousey shop at Owner likes to stroke his beak when she goes past, and says it is calming.   (I wish she would stroke it more but there),  it is the biggest carving and there are lots more.   You may have seen little badger but you can see it again if we do a carvings gallery photoshoot.  We love it.

Fresh para with good things in it as promised.  to divert Owner from an intense worry wart 1.  This morning did one of the best sketches of me ever.  Owner loved it so much she could not believe she had sketched it.  may use it for a cover for a story about me - and Owner too.  2.  did some more good sketches and watercolour washes.  3.  has applied for a job.  part-time and everything so we may not starve after all. 4. visit to both aged parent and sibling went well.  Owner said and I quote 'they may have been the best ever visits'.  Why is that I said.  WE ALL GOT ON she goes. 5.  not a sign of a dentist anywhere (Sorry Dentist we do love you really).

Final para.  If and when Rug turns up Owner said he can have double chick helpings.  I agreed with this if you must know because it means I have to have the same.  Now last night did Owner toss turn and have a funny night's sleep which as I said she is blaming on (mostly) too much travelling.  Today has gone at a much more gentle pace and even though no shout for work Owner says this was TIMELY as she got the most out of the day.  I LOVE YOU Owner I said to this as when Owner happy I am too.  now tonight we have another dish load of enders with evil Phil confessing things to round the block Sharron never mind her long haired child Denny who looks like a Victorian chimney sweep.  We love it.  Other than this we may be up a gum tree Owner said.  I think we'll find something though.  Now do go steady folks out there in the Wold wherever you are and in case you are a fan of Hardeep Singh Koli which we are he is busy touring the country and being funny so make sure you go and see him. 
Big Love Wonka x