Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tired Tuesdee

Wonka here.  that alarm kept bleeping and we kept sleepin! too dark and too cold folks.  Owner finally got up and I sped downstairs to nibble on a biscuit while I waited for my real breakfast to arrive.  Dreams?  only those funny ones you get at the last minute said Owner.  Are you set for the day I said.  I THINK SO.  she goes.  Kept peering out the front and kept on about de icing.  do you mean a cakey I said.  I mean the car with no name she goes.

Fresh para.  Now whilst Owner out slaving away at yet another possible job opportunity I snuggled on down.  In keeping with such a cold and icy and then misty stroke foggy day this seemed best.  ruggles may have called during all of this or not.  The green bin was put out this morning by Owner before she forgot and was pushed back into the yard like an alien green thing later on.   I eyed it up but it didn't move.  Now for my photoshoot it is a mystery so let's see what happens
here is the smallest photoshoot ever but don't tell Owner it will upset her and I'll have to go under the bed.  Just tried to 1.  make this enchanting sketch of me by Owner bigger and 2.  Centre it.  Instead folks we nearly lost the whole shebang (Owner says is a word and wishes she was back in Paris.  DON'T LEAVE ME! I begged).

Final final para as Owner so tired not worth it.   Last night we did watch good corrie and said goodbye to cancer stricken Hayley.  It was very sad and she did end it all with good Roy by her side.  Is this Mundee night viewing I said to a sobbing Owner?  IT MAKES YOU THINK she wept.  Now tonight if Owner isn't too tetchy which is what happens when you are tired and trying to please all and juggle around with agencies, aged parent and sibling, dental treatment and all else we shall watch Enders and alcoholic Lauren and the chappie she was having a fling with who was married with a little girl only now his good wife has found out and left him.  A good cheery storyline to bring Owner back round!  and then nice hospital dramas with new mothers leaving their new babies and burying themselves in work.  oops just mentioned the four letter word.  We don't love it!  oh alright then.  Now once Ruggles rolled up for his chick Owner will settle down and we can all relax and zone out. do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x