Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Unexpected Wednesdee

Wonka here.  yes we did sleep in not quite a trouble free night but it was alright and up we got to face the Day!  Owner says we are moving towards the start of the new Chinese New Year folks and that means away from the year of the snake to the year of the Horse.  Significance Owner I says (very big word and it may be that this is to do with the new year thingy).  She thinks amongst other things it means excitement and out of the blue things.  YES.  Weather you ask?  piercing and freezing wind says Owner who put ear muffs on and thermal gloves.  Blow looking stylish she said (I refused to comment folks.)

Fresh and cold wind para.  Now we did notice after all those failed attempts at changing sizes of photoshoots that it did seem bigger and blurrier.  Let's see what happens next.Now this time folks we will not dibble and dabble or try to do things.  No we are LEAVNG WELL ALONE.  Owner says she hopes you like her little cartoon of me it is called Wonka Reclining (Life of Riley).  that is a good radiator behind me blasting out heat and to my right folks is a nice little wooden stool with a thatched top which you cannot see for the delux cushion with a cat on it incase I want to be on that.  We love it.

Fresh and tired final para.  Now Owner said WON'T BE LONG when she vanished off this morning and blow me down but it was a long time I thought.  She fell back in through the door with a right tale of woe which I half listened to whilst eating my heaped bowl of chick.  Turns out with the little people over their packed lunches then had to go to a freezing cold wasteland stroke playground with no skipping in sight just a parcel of frozen people like herself (she says).  then to sort out a tale of woe with aged sibling and a hoover (you know these are my pet hates.  no pun intended oh alright I did) and then to aged parent who had given up but thanked her for calling.  To top all of this off we had  a near CAT astrophe:  I have said blow me down and blow me so double blow me down, but suddenly Owner spies Mr Beaujangles a beauty grey and white cat on the outside kitchen ledge anxious and miaowing for something.  In he comes and munches some fodder.  just as Owner goes to let him out the good back door there is RUGGLES.  if a Klaxon could have sounded it would have gone off.  MAJOR ALERT!!!  Owner swept up Mr Beau and popped him into the cupboard that doubles as a bathroom and shut the door so that Rug could call in as per.  You will relax in the knowledge that no fighting occurred and both cats were released without any black eyes.  We love it.

Final para yes.  Due to all of this unexpectedness and it may be down to the year of the Horse we will be rather zombified tonight.  We may watch good Corrie and shout at the telly again as it may be good haylesis funeral.  Other than this folks we are unaware of anything good on.  Now as if Owner's life wasn't exciting enough there is the second of the four visits to the good dentists tomorrow.  As much as Owner thinks the Dentist is a star and cannot be faulted (not very much) she is dreading it says.  I said DON'T DWELLON IT watch more rubbish on the telly and let's face it folks that shouldn't be hard.  Now I want you all to go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x