Saturday, 18 January 2014

Wise Satdee

Wonka here.  slept in nicely and Owner reports several telling what I said? Like having some coal delivered she goes, and reports this means a source of energy.  WELL I NEVER I said back.   Added to this Owner says all the signs show there will be a change.  What a good one I said.  I HOPE SO she goes back.  Weatherwise we all know it is mild where we are for the time of year and there have been lots of sightings of butterflys and such.  Not by us though.

Fresh para.   Despite the fact I was settled nicely on my big bed (settee to you) and behaving nicely and looking angelic did Owner spark up that horrid hoover.  I just made out the words NOT THE LIVING ROOM but in my fear ridden state it could have been a spinning loom,  not the day of doom, not maroon - who can say.  I stayed where I was and faced it down as that is what to do with your best fears is to face them.  Owner did not hoover where I was so it must have been the first one.  Now you might all want to see one of the best presents Owner had for Christmas from daughter.  It is a sketch and you will want one too.Here he is folks!  It is Owner's WOL bag and for those of you that do not know your Winnie the Pooh, WOL is from there and he is of course an Owl.  He is an enchanting bag and the bluey green head bit is the bit that opens up and the little bag is inside it has a tiny pouch that will fit a mobile and a tiny secret zip compartment.  Owner loved it on sight and it went all the way to Paris and all the way round the good Louvre museum!  We love it.

Fresh and final para possibly.  Now you are saying what is wise about today?  Owner reports she was a bit rude at the swimming baths and I said to anyone in particular and she goes she was fed up waiting for a shower and I said did anyone notice and she said (shamefully) I HOPE NOT.  So that was not a wise thing but then Owner did go on her visitings.  Aged sibling was fine Owner said did not have to be wise up there but saved it all up for aged parent visit.  Just how wise were you on a scale of one to ten I said (I like my ratings) ELEVEN she goes.  Even aged parent impressed and that is going some.  She is worn out being wise and says we must relax and zone out now.  Me? thanks for asking apart from the horrid hoover monster I am fine and surprised Owner by eating up a whole saucer of good as it looks without begging for a different one.  I have played with my toy nicely and really cannot fault myself.  Ruggles is also behaving like the perfect stray, bobbing in, wolfing down his food and bobbing out.  he called twice yesterdee.  We love him.

Real final para.  last night we managed with Hayley on about tomorrow being the day to good and desolate (like this word) Roy and this means signing out of Corrie and in Enders Sharron has fallen under evil Phil's spell and is cackling like an evil witch and poor long haired Denny nowhere to be seen. Luckily tonight we have come on Kylie on the Voice and we do like it with her she is one of those women Owner says is attractive to both sexes.  OOER I said.  Then we will stay with it and watch Casualtee it has two new nice doctors in it and Charlie is our fave nursey.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x