Saturday, 11 January 2014

Zen Satdee

Wonka here.  Slept right in even with me jumping gently on and off the bed a few times to remind Owner I exist.   I had a lovely dream said Owner when fully awake.  Oh yes, I said.  It was a phone call from someone I really like, she goes, and they were giving me this information.  Oh yes, I goes.  YES said Owner, it was a phone number and a name.  Can you remember it Owner I said.  The first bit was...................K something and the number was 46 something.  That makes no sense Owner I said.  I KNOW but it made me feel lovely she goes.

Fresh para.  now since Owner returned from the magic city she has been even more laid back than usual, that is when she isn't being over anxious and stressed.  This Zen thing, I said to Owner does that mean you are taking things on the chin as and when they happen?  SORT OF she goes.  She thinks it means in the moment.  RIGHTO I said. Now we are still loving Owner's expedition into the magic city and especially that Louvre place.  And I noticed I spelt building bulding yesterdee but no one has said anything.  here comes last photoshoot on The Louvre.(maybe not as Owner entranced by it)....this one is to give you a taste of the majesty of it and I quote from Owner, who says everything was  VERY BIG.  Is that because it used to be a palace I said.  Perhaps, she goes.  Next up is the pyramid again. there are two more Owner wants to put on but I said Owner, do it tmro.  alright she said (they are Egyptian things to do with gods and such.  I said Owner we should honour them with a separate day.)

Final para we think.   Now today Owner as I say went all zen and fairly floated through her busy schedule which was shopping swimming shopping visiting and visiting.  Me?  thanks for asking, I did eat a little breakfast after being given about four to five options.  Then I must have dozed off, looked out the window, dozed off, played with my catnip toy and dozed off again.  owner said the visits tested out her zen thoroughly especially when aged parent said put postcard of magic city in the drawer.  where no one could see it I said.  YES she said.   I gave Owner an extra cuddle to make up for this and ate two plates of catfood without messing.  As soon as Owner thought it is time to sort the shed out did Ruggles appear at the good back door cheeping for his tea time and had four platefuls.  Also, Owner reports that he was nesting in the good shed last night.  it must be cold I said.  Aged parent has warned of bad weather to come said Owner.  OH NO I went.  now to cheer us on we put Ben Hur on as we never have watched all the way through but it is a calming zen like background.  Tonight we will try The voice with nice Kylie in it and see if anyone can sing.  we prefer the showbiz sparkle of the hex factor but Owner said is prepared to be open minded.  (and Zen).  Now I want all of you out there in the Wold wherever you are to go steady.  Big Love Wonka x