Saturday, 15 March 2014

All New Satdee

Wonka here.   first up the weather.  it is dullish but warmish and that blustery blowy and chilly at times wind has dropped.  At least in the back yard.  owner reports a DECENT NIGHT.  Me? thanks for asking, well I started off on my big nest in the front room and finished off as per, jumping on Owner's chest.  She says I am like a herd of elephants and I beg to differ!  I love it.  All clear on the ruggles front as did he trot straight in for some tucker.  Only growled slightly when he thought he saw me.  I have to own up I am now hissing and growling back.  What is a cat to do?  You know I was taking the usual way out and as I have advised you good folks and that is to run away but sometimes folks you must FACE IT DOWN!  I was doing this nicely until Owner shut the good door between growling Rug and growling me.  STOP IT WONKA! she goes.  I mean, what about stop it Ruggles!!!  I love it even more.

Fresh and new para.  all change you wonder at....first thing to be new is the good washer.  it washed up its last load you recall and Owner went mad and bought a new one.  it is granite (colour) and Owner says she loves it and never mind the cost.   I realise Owner is slipping into reckless mode setting and think if there was a dial on Owner I would adjust it back to......pre reckless mode.  When Owner is in this mode mood thingy anything can happen good folks out there and I have my teatime to protect.   for today's photoshoot I asked for one of me because it is all about me.  There I am up top, just resting up with some of my toys, the giraffe and a mousey I think.  We love it.

new and final para.  Get this.  Owner loves her hair most of the time and if she isn't washing it, colouring it, putting product on it or looking at it she is at the hairdressers with it.  At precisely quarter to ten this morn Owner's mobile is ringing.  she answers it.  Even from the depths of the living room where I had been locked in yes LOCKED IN due to the delivery of the shiny new washer, I could hear the conversation go thus:  YES I AM FINE THANKYOU - HAIR APPT?  NOW? OH MY LORD......yes the unthinkable had happened.  Owner forgot a hair appt.  and if that doesn't prove Owner's erstwhile (like it like it) state of mind nothing can.  And because she has a clever beloved wonderful hairdresser called Lianne (we love her) Owner still had an appt.  When she released me and I had come out from under the bed, she said and I quote, I have never in my life forgotten such an appt Wonka.  NO I said back.   I did whisper about perhaps having a brain scan or taking some kind of GET A GRIP tablet but she didn't hear me above closing the front door.

Real new final para.  when she trots back in all attractive and wotnot and I had said how beautiful she looked, she swung into action with the new washer.   We are on the second wash and we love it.  And after the good hair appt Owner did visit aged parent.  did she notice your nice hair I said?  NO goes Owner but as she is still in some other land this did not matter.  Tonight Owner is going to a new place and says she is keeping an OPEN MIND.  What about me was my first thought?  We shall watch The voice and Casualtee goes Owner, and try and get over last night's viewing of Carol's cancer plus Staycee making a predictable and for Owner unwelcome further appearance.  Enders we love it.   Why couldn't Masood have a bigger part she goes.  As for Corrie, temptress tina is on the verge of telling all and good wife if not moany Carla is to have a corrie babe.  WOE.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and specially if you have an appointment.  Big love Wonka x